Beats X Review: Best Beats Ever?

Beats X Review: Best Beats Ever?
Beats X join the family. Are they worth it? Beats X: Video Gear I use: Intro Track: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. heres Butler says


  2. Trevon Horner says

    Great beats are good I’m listening on same ones right now🤣

  3. Apiz Alfunso says

    Hi im future, with powerbeats pro

  4. Yung Doza says

    I love

  5. justin dante says

    Not waterproof ? My mom accidentally washed these with my clothes and nothing happened to them ! I also use them for working out and they’re just fine

  6. mister mister says


  7. Aaron P says

    Over ear sets are far superior but these are also handy for certain situations

  8. dankyeet7 7 says

    Airpods don't work at all with my Android phone. I switched to Android after I got a good deal

  9. FlyingNeat says

    After a while my beats x right speaker broke. So I switched to AirPods! Also the first time I watch this vid I watched it with BeatsX.

  10. xDura says

    Just picked up my second pair today got a good deal on sale for $50

  11. Galactic649 says

    These are basically just wireless UrBeats3, which despite the lack of water protection managed to survive the washing machine.

  12. Bhargav Nath says

    Please suggest me a bluetooth wireless earphone below 140$ with balanced sound

  13. rahul Sawant says

    Can you make video is “best wireless headset of 2019”!!…
    We would like to see your view on it
    Specially Indian viewers.

  14. Christian Beall says

    *beats ex

  15. Jay Sky22 says

    One plus wireless is better in my opinion

  16. Robert Aman says

    I got mine today for 44 dollars

  17. Xx_SONIC 150_xX says

    My dad got these for free lost on the streets

  18. whatever says

    I find the sound very poor for something that costs more than 20 dollars.

  19. Kobe Roman says

    I just got mine today for 45 dollars

  20. Zachary Baldwin says

    So, can you work out in these?

  21. exhalethemist says

    has anybody used them with xiaomi devices?

  22. Connor Morehead says

    Beats X have no problem with sweat whatsoever. I wear them while working with no issue.

  23. Alex Mercer says

    I use to have this and they were great for Beats. Until it broke from the wire that wraps around the neck. Apparently they have a limit when it comes to compact packaging for your pockets.

  24. Brian Law says

    beat sex

  25. farook umar says

    Bro there is no extra bass not worth it

  26. dancer says

    Powerbeats3 are easily better.

  27. ALEX99X says

    I Accidentally put my beats x in my shoe while washing them and it still fucking works

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