Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Horror Stories

Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Horror Stories
Women who competed in beauty pageants share their wildest stories! Special Thanks To: Ashna Sharan: Danielle …

Source As/Is
  1. Lee- MusicLover says

    As Is, I have nothing against these lovely ladies and all, but I really think yall should just give this series up. You can look at the views and see that the series is just not very popular. In addition, I feel like As Is is stalling a lot these days…. it's a lot of series or connected videos so it just ends up feeling like you watch the same thing over and over. For example, in the past 3 weeks you have THREE dermatologist videos. Then yall have all the same "we tried" this clothing trend or makeup trend, then also "women guess" series. there are a ton of interesting, wonderful women around the world and it would be great to hear/see their stories. also, women have more interests than just clothes and makeup, so even thought its fine to do those videos, it would be good to have additional videos that don't fall into those same categories. hope you can take viewers' opinions into consideration. i have been a fan of this channel for a loooong time (since its inception before it was even boldly lol) but i havent watched anything but one video on here for a 1month because none of the videos have caught my attention. good luck in the future- hope to see interesting and creative content in the future!

  2. Jane says

    Beauty pageants are so stupid

  3. Robin Cork says

    The person that was rude and stood on the girls dress, doesn’t deserve to win, no qualities of a leader and just a horrible person

  4. Gabriella radle says

    This episode was boring, give me real horror stories like graveyard workers or strippers

  5. Joanna Fyfe says

    The second girl reminds me of Colleen Ballinger so much

  6. Nicole Foti says

    The first girl's roommate was totally sabotaging her hahahaha

  7. Tyra says

    unless it’s a sports event, how can you be dressing casual in a PAGEANT??? 😂😂😂😂 literally 99.95% of your score is looking beautiful 😂

  8. Cristabel Diaz says


  9. Dominga Murray says

    Current Miss Roanoke Valley here 👋!! I’m so proud to have the same title Ashna once did.

  10. Lauren O says

    The lesson: if you don’t have a horror story, you’re probably someone else’s horror story

  11. Snapsnap2413 says

    The reason she won is because she decided to persevere even after her entire outfit fell apart and i think that’s great tbh

  12. Claire h says

    omg 😱 these are weird

  13. This is how many people aren’t beauty queens because they’re to pretty enough?😂🙌🏻

  14. mumbai nisha says

    👄👄👄💝💝💝plz subscribed 💙💞💞💗💗💛💚💋💋💋💋💋

  15. ice cream I yun hi says

    I'm from Virginia

  16. SLiM M says

    4:11 I'm a Purchase Alumni. How 'bout that.

  17. Unknown Person says

    who else loves these videos!!

  18. Chantelle G says

    as an indian, not once in my life have i seen an indian compete in pagentry outside of India and i truly wonder if her parents approve or if she is shamed by her family

  19. Sup Productions says

    Wow! Daniela is soo pretty!

  20. Peachseok says

    This is how many people knew them when they were the Boldly

  21. Allana Taylor says

    Can you do theatre kids or people in musical theatre share horror stories

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