Best Friend Vs. Professional Stylist: New Year's Eve Look Challenge

Best Friend Vs. Professional Stylist: New Year's Eve Look Challenge
Who can style Lindsay better? Her Best friend or a professional stylist? Stylist: Devon Simon: Get the looks for yourself Jazz’s Outfit: Top …

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  1. Casey Schwarting says

    The stylist maaaaaaay want to re-evaluate her line of work…

  2. Umu says

    That yellow dress is something I wouldn't even put on, I hate it

  3. meikusje says

    Real disappointed y'all are supporting Dolls Kill. Especially from you, Jazz, who is always so outspoken about social justice and equality. Dolls Kill are known to steal designs from independent artists, they're ableist and racist, and have been involved in controversies beyond that. A quick Google search on 'boycott dolls kill' or 'dolls kill controversy' will bring up enough information to see for yourself if you don't want to believe a random Youtube comment. But this stuff is pretty out there by now, if you're a little into fashion and 'alternative fashion', you really should know. But I've noticed they've targeted a bunch of Buzzfeeders with merch and stuff, so I hope y'all will be distancing yourselves from them soon and not give them this huge platform for promotion.

  4. Gabs L says

    The stylist has very limit clothes unlike her bestie went to the store with lots of clothes choices!

  5. desiree vargas says

    I felt like the stylist was so salty

  6. Emily Rose says

    jaz is more of a stylist than these ‘stylists’ they choose

  7. Adaneca Whyte says

    hey guys, i'm super fresh to Youtube, would love 100 subs by the end of December. Could you please help me make this happen 🙂 much love <3

  8. Angel Konthoujam says

    Feeling the stylist's blazer ALOT

  9. Suzie Keuls says

    The stylist looked bored xD

  10. Eline Engels says

    When did become being a stylist mean just throwing different patterns together and calling it a look.. Even a child could pick that out..

  11. Ruth Watson says

    Ok…. both of those outfits are terrible. In ten years, they will look back at this and shiver.

  12. Xaviikinz says

    I mean no disrespect to the stylist, but hot damn every single thing she chose was absolutely horrendous. The final outfit was especially offensive to my psyche. All those clashing patterns… That formless dress (as others have said, a belt would've made it better)… Just… no.
    The only thing that looked even a smidge cool was the ring.

    Jazz won hands down.

  13. Jojo says

    But like where can I find the stylist's blazer…?

  14. Ruth Watson says

    Literally everything in that dolls kill place looks ridiculous

  15. Marie O'donovan says

    both outfits are bad nil

  16. Iga Wójtowicz says

    Honestly, while the relax dress was kinda wild, it would look so good with like long purple gloves, she would have total 20’ vibes

  17. Joanna says

    we are here for a best friend who hears a stylist lacking confidence and being humble, who then turns the narrative and begins to big the other woman up regardless of being competition

  18. Jackie Arriaza says

    I love these two❗ freaking hilarious❗ lol 🤓🤓🤓

  19. Leigh Davis says

    I LOVE Jazz's look!

  20. snigdha ray says

    the stylist sucked

  21. Pradnya H says

    Personally loved Jazz's choice way more☺️☺️☺️

  22. Lai Bratt says

    Am I the only one that didn’t like any of the stylist looks 😂

  23. Neda Deniz says

    This stylist is so boring like what. No offense 😅 like why would she turn lyndse into a retro grandma for 2020… no hunny no

  24. JODEE MORGAN says

    Jazz made her look like an ANGEL 👼👼👼👼👼👼 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  25. Aimee Molina says

    Honestly I love the two outfits, the stylist's was very "going to fashion week" and Jazz's was "going to a party"

  26. Rachael Christman says

    I guess I'm in the minority, but I really enjoyed the stylists pick. It reminded me of Harajuku fashion

  27. Rachael Christman says

    No one's going to talk about Dollskill and all the horror stories surrounding them? Okay..

  28. Madeleine Fritz says

    Jazzmyne reminds me of Lizzo!

  29. Kelly says

    Just gonna ignore the fact that Jazz went to fashion school and is a brand ambassador for ASOS lol

  30. quietboygonewild says

    The stylists outfit to me look like old lady of the 90's going to Bingo night on a New Years. The only thing I liked on that combination were the earrings and the shoes, but separatley.

  31. Tania Reynalda says

    My take :
    The stylist made her look so magazine worthy, while Jaz made her into an instagram baddie.

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