Best Friends Transform Into Their Icons From The 2010s

Best Friends Transform Into Their Icons From The 2010s
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  1. Boredasamelon says

    You should suprise lindsay w harry styles

  2. Natalie Kendel says

    What an AmAZING VIDEO!
    More of this content! Women supporting women@!

  3. Renee Shoopman says

    Joyce sounded like Tyler The Creator when she said “HELLO PHotograPHer” 🤣😂

  4. Jeannie Thompson says

    Joyce girl, you are the whole story and the happily ever after! All of you ladies should be so proud of the strong, not to mention beautiful, women you are! You are inspiring the next generation to love themselves! Not only that, to raise each other up! Thank you a million times!

  5. Lena S says

    What Joyce said about jazmin made me cry 😭

  6. acnaiv noeled says

    the final outcomes were SOOOO good! I love all of them together in one video. I also love their friendship and how they hype each other.

  7. JustJessy says

    Lindsey is a whole damn mood when it comes to Harry Styles

  8. Jocelyn Hernandez says

    The new ladylike ?

  9. ʚ abigail ɞ says

    the way lindsay pulled off that outfit better than harry himself 😭🤚 please she looked so good 🥺🥴

  10. realslay qween says

    This video is THE BEST VIDEO EVER 😍😍 😍😍♥️

  11. nogamesnocarnivalslol says

    Wish I had such supporting friends, my friends are snakes💀

  12. Nina really shooked me omg was almost the same

  13. Unknown Lover says

    When Joyce started to cry… I started sobbing😭 ily❤

  14. bobbie9093 says

    Oh my loooorrrrddd. This was just a superb video from start to end! You all look absolutely amazing!

  15. tanya. says

    they're the kind of friends everyone deserves :'))

  16. Brianna Wong says


  17. elisaday56 says

    This video was so lovely. They all look awesome and the friendship! 😭😭😭

  18. Anoushka Srivastava says

    Omggg you guys look amaaazzingggg!!!!😍😍😍

  19. Joie Francia says

    This type of friendship and the level of confidence is just….

  20. haileyxin says

    The best part about this video is how they support and empower each other. How gorgeous they look is just a big bonus.

  21. paige says

    why did this video make me cryyy all these ladies are such beautiful and powerful people

  22. Kirinya Harvey says

    honestly crying! you are all so beautiful, inside and out, as cliché as that is x

  23. Laura says

    All this cheese is so cringe

  24. Mical Ceus says

    Why am I crying!!!💜

  25. QueenBean Awesomeness says

    Joyce is so pretty.

  26. Zaina Amer says


  27. oh mai maia says

    Ahhhh! I love it! Women who bring up other women instead of pushing them down! LOVE IT!!!! 😍

  28. kayla gallegos says

    This is now my favorite video! That’s what real friendship is and I cried so hard listening to everyone talk about each other in such positive and real ways.

  29. Carley Lawson says

    This was a beautiful representation of how people should treat each other and support each other. Thank all of you for making some days very special 💚

  30. Tabitha Hsaini says

    I love their energy, I love their friendship, I love how they speak so positive and proud of each other. I need people like this in my circle.

  31. Leah Bivens says

    Bro this video really shows that confidence is key. All of these women are different body types but they love themselves and each other. That’s what makes them so gorgeous and inspiring

  32. kirrahasariddle says

    God I just love seeing women being so loving and supportive of each other ow my heart

  33. Ivonne M. says

    Why am I crying?

  34. Yadi Olivares says

    This is so powerful, I fuckin love it <333

  35. Brooke Freeman says

    Joyce slays OMG 😍😘

  36. Lyndsy Carson says

    I want these woman(+harry) to see this video and recognize and appreciate how they effect people. ♥️ i’m crying

  37. Victorya Y. says

    The love in this video between these beautiful women! So heartwarming🥺

  38. emily velasquez says

    Okay but ummm Lindsey looked better than Harry

  39. MissVintageLA says

    I didn't need this but I did

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