Best Friends Try Dermasuction For The First Time

Best Friends Try Dermasuction For The First Time
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  1. I’m PATRICK says

    Bey I need that

  2. Alexa Mandes says

    I’d be scared this thing would just leave hickies all over my face

  3. Candice Marie Creations says

    CT is me . Just give me those black heads

  4. NoFrofro's Randomness says

    since when does a buzzfeed comment section have 100 comments

  5. Adrianna Little says

    Imagine walking in and hearing someone watch this lmao

  6. Ella Enchanted says

    youre not supposed to leave it in one spot, the professional grade ones at least. It will cause hickeys lmao

  7. Something Wicked says

    That stuff is a mix of sebum (your natural oils) and debris trapped in your pores. Pus only shows up in an area when tissues are fighting an infection.

  8. KJ Safale says

    CT is my fave. They're so adorably funny and excited all the time. AND we both have two letter names so that's neat.

  9. Mia Treadwell says

    No matter how many times I see these demasuction buzzfeed videos it’ll never get old

  10. Janet Tardis says

    I'm here for Joyce

  11. Courtney Nicole says

    Y’all should’ve steamed your face before??

  12. Lotus Song says

    I actually got the Dermasuction because of another YouTube video. Since I have combo/oily acne-prone skin, I thought it would work well for me. Honestly, it hasn’t worked that well on me. Then again, I have an extensive skincare routine. So maybe there’s not much gunk to take out.

  13. Rachael Farrow says

    Not gonna lie.. I read the title as “ best friends try demasculation for the first time “🤣

  14. Michael Spence says

    Did they dampen skin first as per the instructions?

  15. Melissa Gomez says

    Didn't you just make this video with different people?

  16. Stacia Long says

    You’re suppose to keep it moving slowly around your face

  17. LilA Vanessa says

    Joicyyyyyyy I'm here forrr uuuu sisssssssssssssssss

  18. Jen W says

    CT is me!!! Lol ❤

  19. Aly J says

    My mom bought this, and it definitely didn't work. It could barely get anything.

  20. shell7324 says


  21. Rachel Campbell says

    that title card said "BBFs try…"

  22. something simple, like a says


  23. fuwwe2 says

    Ooh no don’t just l leave it on your face like’ll bruise

  24. Peacock Feathers says

    Wow they are damaging their skin so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are only supposed to leave it on each section for a couple of seconds and use it on the lowest setting possible that works for you

  25. ah says

    True story: I tried that on my cl!t before. It sucked!

  26. ytfp says

    This channel is nasty and nasty and more nasty hosts bye.

  27. Jason Meyer says

    Well dam sub my channel!

  28. JoKnight says

    Everyone, if you have or want to have the product be sure before you used it on yourself to steam your face first to open up the pores to make it easier to get things out.

  29. Soukthachone Vilaysack says

    in this video. we don't read instructions and leave the dermsuction in one spot

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