BEST SCHOOL HACKS ! (sneak food into class)

BEST SCHOOL HACKS ! (sneak food into class)
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  1. Puppy Cute says

    Azzy dis es da FOOD hacks not da SCHOOL hacks!! Only 1 hack take place in eh school! Srry azzy i still ♡ your vids! 😀

  2. WolfGoober5 says

    Assy, you can hang your towels/clothes on the hangers

  3. Mariah Kireta says

    I'm on my mom's acount my real age is eight and my name is Simone

  4. Hollzakins says

    Umm I THOGHT this was how to snea k food into class

  5. xxwolfyevaxx says

    After my classes specials we can eat in class our teacher lets us

  6. gacha wolf queen savage says

    Azzy you are beautiful

  7. Alexis Lopez says
  8. •Łuññî• says

    I know this is like stealing but at stores to get coke is money or any other drinks but water is usually free so ask for water spill it out or drink it then secretly go and put coke in it or whatever you wsnt

  9. Gacha unicorn__ Latte says

    Oh ok

  10. Jaime Inductivo says

    I could do that but my TEACHERS has a good nose to smell! 😂👃I love your vids

  11. Alyssa Moreno says

    5:45 me right now because me and my family are moving

  12. Kensley Carstens says

    A fire extinguisher!? too expensive!
    I’ll just use a water bottle.

  13. Kensley Carstens says

    Why are most of these not school hacks

  14. Jessica Sorsby says

    Azzy when I’m sad you make me happy every day when I get home from school I watch one of your videos

  15. Emily Carheart says

    My sister and full family is rich we’re from bever ly hills

  16. Isabella LAWTON says

    But if you use scissors it I’ll have bacteria poopoo jerms

  17. matthew faheem says

    Hold up, why does the mic have so much feedback?!?!?!?!

  18. Mike Fournier says

    The shopping cart will be clean if you leave it sitting on the fire for a while because fire kills germs sorry but yeah facts always win

  19. Izzy Wizzy says

    Hiya Great Human Beings Who Are Reading This Anyway The Black Sock Hack Thing I Just Wear The Socks Even If It Has A Hole But I Get Shouted At By My Mom Or Dad R.I.P Me And My Ears Anyway Thank You For Reading This Bye 👋

  20. Johan MCPE says

    Easy school hack to bring food with 1% of getting cought


    Get a water bottle.. (Not See through recommended)

    Pour soup if you have some. Like chicken soup.

    Say its water if your teacher asks.

    Enjoy soup while learning.

  21. It’s dreanbean 18 says

    for the fire extinguisher one if it is a grease fire than it would make it bigger

  22. Lena Rodecka says


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