Better Boxed Mac N Cheese

Better Boxed Mac N Cheese
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  1. yes it's me says

    I only have milk And I Ate the last Boxed Macaroni here.

  2. Hey its Andreia says

    Sorry but hell naw

  3. EmilyA1984 says

    Before I went vegan, I used to like to mix just a little bit of plain old yellow mustard into Kraft Dinner. I found that it intensified the flavour. Then I'd add black pepper on top.

  4. Guy says

    I feel that there should never be any stretchiness to the cheese in mac n cheese. Should be completely smooth and creamy. I feel very strongly about this

  5. Han Skolo says

    OH YES!

  6. Kay JV says

    My favorite way if to put Colby Cheese with the boxed Spirals and Cheese, bacon bits and some diced hotdog does the trick for me .😋

  7. gothmedli says

    i like cheese

  8. Arcane311 says

    That was terrible. At the end of every single segment there were additional ingredients added with no instructions. Yes, you could guess what some of these were. But more importantly, the people producing the video should just include that. I absolutely hate your company. For this exact reason. You guys are a joke, please stop making videos.

  9. Damian says

    1 box kraft macaroni
    Cheese sauce:
    1/2 cup milk
    1/4 cup cream cheese
    1/2 cup cheddar cheese
    4 kraft singles
    4 tablespoons butter
    Cheese powder pack

    Add macaroni THANK ME LATER

  10. viv t. says

    The chili cheese one doesn't look so appetizing tbh…

  11. Rosefire 13 says

    I made the second one and it is good

  12. Byunnie Baekkie says

    Awwww they all look freaking delicious!

  13. Gaming GRANDLORD says

    you are the best

  14. D’meach da peach says

    Mmmm I love that powder I just eat it straight from the bag 😋

  15. Krishnamoorthy V says


  16. Carl Alm says

    You lost me at broccoli

  17. cynthia g says

    When my sisters and I were in high school and went skiing for a week, We would add hamburger to the box mac n cheese to make it have more protein. Our parents made us pay for our own lodging and passes, so we had to eat cheap. Good meals for college students or just starting out.

  18. zebraking444 says

    if it ain’t broke dont fix it

  19. Grissel Chaves says


  20. J a says

    I'm going to have a cardiac arrest wtf

  21. GrayishEyes says

    Just add the milk and butter with sour cream.

  22. Person says

    I don’t know why I always watch these.. like I’m not gonna make them anyways..

  23. Maya Septiani says

    The third one tho omg so much calories

  24. Elsjepelsje says

    Am i the only one who doesnt like mac n cheese?

  25. punky chambers says

    Also try pork riblets

  26. Dana Dss says

    I love mac & cheese but not that much cheese☺️

  27. Queen Fu Fu says

    I will only eat velveeta shells and cheese

  28. Misty Nights says

    Did he have to use the cheapest one? The powdered cheese packet one is disgusting…I use the one with the melted cheese when I don't feel like doing homemade and dress it up…IJS

  29. beenz says

    Yas bacon 🥓🥓 <3

  30. reiilnyckyj says

    it's a bad idea to watch this at 4am

  31. Leah Siemens says

    Does anyone else absolutely HATE the way they stir things? lol

  32. Joshua Thompson says

    We Can all agree on one thing…. the bacon one was the best

  33. adw311 says

    so add real cheese.

  34. Jalen Byrd says

    I feel as though this was made for me considering the unholy amount of Mac and cheese I consume

  35. LIl Kaste says


  36. Mark Simmons says

    Make canned ravioli better next

  37. Kaitlin Steger says

    What about the iconic hamaroni and chustard

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