BFFs Spend Their Last Summer Before College Together

BFFs Spend Their Last Summer Before College Together
“What am I going to do, knowing it’s the last time we’re all going to be together (for a really long time)?” Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly.

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  1. Clairety cann says

    wow way to represent nyc teens. not going to like, les or bed stay or anything cool like that but just a neighborhood full of the one percent. smooth.

  2. Allison Breen says

    can you make more videos like this one? make it into a series!

  3. Maddie says

    She has a great podcast! It’s called “Eliza Starting at 16” ! Listen to it if you are interested in The Teens Of Today. Here’s a link—

  4. Lalala123 says

    …. why?

  5. Olivia Ryan says

    let me save you 7 minutes. A privileged 17 year old girl who attends a very expensive school in the upper east side says it is boring. She then becomes uncomfortable talking about going to Harvard because she does not want to acknowledge her own hard work but when a store employee does not acknowledge her friends hard work she gets offended. Her and her friends go out during the summer, which I guess is before prom somehow, to go spend lots of money on food and dresses. She then gives a useless speech which basically says that she's excited for the future. You would've thought that if she could write a good enough essay to get into Harvard that she could write a better monologue than that but I guess not. Throw the word "like" in there about sixty times and there's your video. (NOTHING AGAINST THESE GIRLS OR BEING PRIVILEGE. THIS IS JUST NOT GOOD CONTENT)

  6. Mi Sunday says

    … I'm going to the airforce and this makes me feel weird. I really wanted to go to college but I couldn't afford to fly to place I wanted to go whether or not I got accepted… and I can't afford college so…

  7. Bryce Payne says

    this should have been a whole 30 minute video, during the summer.

  8. Daniele G says

    I’m going to Cambridge for college as well!

  9. Lilac music lover says

    I know one of the girls insta and I can say that they seem like the exact opposite of you all describe them.

  10. Amanda Whitney says

    My house could probably fit in this assholes kitchen. Can we get more realistic people? Not rich dicks.

  11. Photograpic Artist says

    ennuyeux nacouzi gâté filles

  12. man Utd says

    How long do you have to stay in collage

  13. Rubyiaa Iqbal says

    I'm soo excited for university!!!

  14. Rachael L says


  15. Kayetlin Alexander says

    the main girl in this video, eliza, is actually pretty sweet and aware and has an excellent podcast. it's "eliza starting at 16" and she talks about a lot of teenager issues + the things that have been going on in her life. it's fun

  16. Anita says

    Eliza has a great podcast and she is very down to earth, even though she grew up with money.

  17. Julia Ngo says

    if it's summer , why are they wearing coats?

  18. anjing1 says

    they don't finish their lunch… let me have em leftover

  19. annalottchen9 says

    That wasn't even filmed in summer?! The trees don't have leaves and they're wearing winter coats 😂

  20. Melissa Cano says

    kinda hits me a bit hard since its my last year in high school too this year

  21. Gaby Gibson says

    You say "Hahvarhd", that's how.

  22. vanittah mwangi says

    I honestly think she just told her daddy she wanted buzzfeed video about her

  23. vanittah mwangi says

    White Rich Girl: Oh My God I wish I lived somewhere more interesting lives in the upper east side of NY & go to one of the best schools on the country

  24. abbie kadaby says

    At the first Eliza with her dog any one else see that 0:06 a 0:09

  25. ToBeOnesti Productions says

    Very disappointed in this video, it wasn't entertaining and frankly, it pissed me off to see privileged white teens in NYC for some reason. Out of all the stories yall could have told from teens in NYC, yall chose a wealthy chick from Manhattan whose going to Harvard and probably never had to endeavor a real struggle in her life. NYC is probably on of the most diverse places in the world and yall overlooked all of it for a "basic" story.

  26. Faizah Rabbye says

    To everyone saying why she's complaining about living on the upper east side: she has been living there since she was three which is probably why she's complaining. And I agree that she should've been more thankful BUT I don't think she ever stepped out of manhattan and came to queens lol. I don't particularly like the video but I don't hate it either. I just want to see more representation from people in NY

  27. it me says

    These girls come from a very different background than I did, so in ways I found this hard to relate to, but the process of leaving home and childhood behind is more universal.

  28. insecuresock says

    my friends moving schools and that's really what I'm going through rn

  29. Elise Muis says

    Gender summer revenue counterpart response sing viewer individual.

  30. Ruby Rockdoll says

    A bunch of wealthy teenagers eating and spending their parents money. Great. Totally worth watching.

  31. Hawkeye says

    can't believe you parents payed for this

  32. Emma Bittner says

    If this was a reality show I would watch it

  33. leo smack says

    Not even summer yet. They haven't even gone to prom, why title video spending summer together?

  34. Casera Pinto says

    The outro was so powerful

  35. Katie says

    "like" "like" "like" couldnt you at least control it for this video

  36. JallieNarz says

    I found it cute. It reminded me of my friends and I in that period of our lives 🙂

  37. GINA-ZO#2 says

    rich white girl complaining on how good she has it… why make this video???

  38. KYLÖN says

    Who else is reading the comments as this video is playing?

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