SUBSCRIBE and become a Citizen of AzzyLand 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing video! Today I play Kwebbelkop new …

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  1. Malik Khalil says

    How to make game easy

  2. Ronnie Larquier says

    I thought you wouldn't say bad words any more because your family friendly azzy

  3. k amw says

    Kid fredly

  4. penut butter says


  5. penut butter says

    # save azzy

  6. Elle Wong says

    Jelly is the #4 at 4:15

  7. •Moonlight Stars• says

    Me: * looks at leader board *
    Also me: WHO ELSE SAW JELLY?! If you don’t know who Jelly is it’s Sana’s bf

  8. Dewang Mistry says

    Azzy said my name Sana

  9. festus Dawid says


  10. Julien Awesomeness says

    #shave azzyland I meant to spell shave not save

  11. Jessica Z says

    2019 anyone ?

  12. jessica bracero says

    #save azzy

  13. KimShala Hibbert says

    why do u have to pay

  14. Veronica Baca says

    Do you have to play that on computer not tablet.???

  15. Ruby Houston Houston says

    This game doesn’t make any sense

  16. Linda Hay says

    #saveazzyland ur welcome!

  17. Tanya Robinson says

    Plz make this into an actual game i can play

  18. s'moresgacha says

    0:23 it's a house!

  19. princessfunkid says

    #save azzy

  20. Tonia Ferrell says

    Btw jelly is a ytber

  21. chrissy jones says
  22. Jaleevee acevedo says


  23. Mia Chambers says

    I ❤️❤️ YOUR Video s

  24. Gavin Caborn says

    0:24 look like a house

  25. Tabotato says but squares

  26. Sabina Nilsson says


  27. Liam Estrano says

    Lots of people had names in Hebrew isreal is where I live

  28. Liam Estrano says

    Sorry azzy I love but I was panda

  29. Frances Diver says

    #shave azzy

  30. jtorr02 says

    You know some kids are watching this azzy

  31. Tabatha Campbell says

    Haw do you spell the game

  32. Liuba Agafonova says

    Could u please censor ur cursing

  33. Sunshine Kitty says

    Was that the actual Jelly is imposter 🤔😒

  34. QUEEN girly says

    I ♥️♥️azzys videos
    If you agree

  35. Hannah's Creative Corner says


  36. Hannah's Creative Corner says


  37. Hannah's Creative Corner says


  38. vicki harrison says

    I just got a new bunny I just got a new bra do you

  39. Aislyn Graves says

    The cover looks like azzyland in a Fortnite veriesion (sorry I meant the thumbnail

  40. dooney70 says

    Azzy this game is just like a.irgo
    I love you 😘 you are amazing🤩🥳

  41. Jayden Cordero says

    Don’t say Bad words

  42. Sean Farrell says

    You shouldn't curse as much

  43. Matt Cwalina says

    #save azzy land

  44. Matt Cwalina says

    It sounds like

  45. Hailey Hartsock says

    Who else thinks that the green jelly when was the YouTuber jelly

  46. Elijah Thomas says

    At 26 it looked like a house

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