Blackberry KEYOne: 2017 Comeback?

Blackberry KEYOne: 2017 Comeback?
Can a new Blackberry actually hang in 2017? You have to want it! Blackberry KEYOne: Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. sunder singh says

    Give one

  2. Purnomo Setiawan says

    I ordered this …and today is 2019 …

  3. Seth Wellington says

    Reviews blackberry and doesn't even explain the safety features

  4. Toons For Joy says

    In 2019 is this better

  5. Mikey Lejan says

    I love this phone

  6. says

    If all the phones in the world disappeared and only the blackberry remained, I would definitely kill myself!

  7. says

    What a blast in the past…. 😁😁

  8. Ludicrous Torpedo5220 says

    Wow the display only gets C+ ? Just appreciate the display man,I know it's not great

  9. AntyVirusUK says

    In short the screen falls off

  10. Shaytan says

    I find Blackberry wonderful work smartphones nowadays. One of my first phones was a Blackberry and the only phone I kept for years before trying out android phones and regretting it I actually bought a refurb one like 4years later out of frustration.
    I'm still very nostalgic of these solid and unique phones. Probably gonna grab a KeyOne for work purpose as iPhones failed me for the past 4years and keep my newly acquired Xiaomi for personal use. Oh and about the wireless charging I find it the most frustrating technology ever, when you think it's charging for hours and find out you're about to go out with a non charged phone because it was 99,9% uncentered ffs !

  11. jneroo226 says

    I miss having a Blackberry. I'm considering the Keyone over the Key2 because of the price. I hate spending more than 200.00 for a cell phone. I just won't do it because I know I'm being robbed. That said, great review and this guy is one of the most polished reviewers I have ever seen. I'm surprised he's not on GMA or something for their tech talk. Someone should get this guy for mainstream media before it's too late.

  12. Jir says

    watching this in 2019

  13. 匿名使用者 says

    Can you review KEY 2 LE? … please

  14. EpicShallh says

    3:03 new blackberry with Wo Wireless Charging

  15. Sudeep Chandra says

    Key2 ? Key2?

  16. Dr.Nippal says

    Priv is one of my favorite looking phones of all time, but the software was such trash it was literally un usable practically frozen constantly every app would crash and that was a brand new one. Returned it after 10 days

  17. Darien Long GRSE! says

    Passport is the best BB ever made without that red keyboard; that was a mistake

  18. Jorge Márker Gutiérrez says

    Something new about Blackberry 2019…

  19. rm23 says

    ok now this, is epic

  20. SovietAmerican Cat says

    Idk why they didn't just make a Priv 2, the sliding keyboard let's you have the big display AND a physical keyboard

  21. Tanishq Patel says

    Well i dont want infinity display i want Blackberry!

  22. Unapologetic says

    hi. can you review BlackBerry KeyTwo ?

  23. 4 ron says

    Marques, even after a year I still enjoy this phone and your review nailed it! Well done. This got BlackBerry back on the right track.

  24. DANIEL JOB says

    is this phone… strong 💪…

  25. Jan Dostál says

    Good short and useful video, thanks bro, you helped me to make my decision.

  26. pappoSCWr says

    why u dont review the key2???

  27. Ex Akcent2spoorthi says

    nice one

  28. Thane Coxon says

    I just bought a blackberry and I love it

  29. ridhwaans says

    3:09 Wo wireless charging

  30. Ujjwal Sharma says

    I really love the Blackberry prive keyboard concept. I am thinking to buy a prive but i m' little bit confused for the software update. Is there any possibility for making new another phone in tha prive formfactor.

  31. Alexander Y. Guk says

    Best review about this phone! Nice and easy, and truthful. Already got one for two weeks and madly glad! Thank you! Hello from Russia, Vladivostok!

  32. Sean N says

    back in the 2000's the blackberry was the phone to have.

  33. marlo trimillos says

    Please make a review for Blackberry Key2 @MarquesBrownLee

  34. nikhil mogale says

    Do the key 2 review, please.

  35. barora says

    i just got the ad for the new blackberry keyone XD

  36. ConquestN98858 says

    I love the physical keyboard as I only use my Blackberry for Data…(still talk on a flip-phone) I started with a Curve, then a bold 9930 and now a Classic! Just ordered a Key One on Amazon and am looking forward to the larger screen over and above my previous models!

  37. ChefvEto says

    “Because it’s a feature Samsung cough cough” lol

  38. Joel Obregon Ferreiro says


  39. Brian Deli says

    Blackberry key 2 video? 👀

  40. Enrique Wolfgang REH says

    do the KEYTwo?

  41. iiElysium x says

    Personally I would never buy a phone with a keyboard like that, there is a reason why software keyboards killed physical keyboards on phones

  42. Andrew Ryan Stevens says

    Let's not forget how amazing technology is in the first place

  43. Ashok Singh says

    Hi, Key 2 review pls

  44. VoiDz Envy says

    Blackberry Key2 Review?

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