Blackberry Priv Review!

Blackberry Priv Review!
A new Blackberry… running Android! Blackberry Priv: Video Gear I use: Intro …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Nikky The Awesome says

    It's actually 3GB RAM….

  2. Zedeye says

    I'm watching on a priv and the phone was great when I got it but now it has so many issues like the battery the screens cracked the cameras (both) are blurry

  3. DoogleDoesStuff says

    People 3 years ago complaining about the price don't even realise how expensive phones are about to become…

  4. Julian W. Taylor says

    Yeah, this phone feels really nice.

  5. Faizi Kazmi says

    BB should hit the market with their all new and even cooler BB OS again, oh boy that would be a complete awesomeness!

    Well, my first BB phone was a BB Curve 8520 that still works smooth, have many more BB’s with me that am proud of, namely;
    BB Passport, BB Passport Silver Edition, BB Leap, BB Porsche Design p9983, BB Porsche Design 9982, BB Classic, BB Bold 3 & a BB Q10.

  6. Seth Wellington says

    I love blackberry so much please don't die keep making phones

  7. R Virgo says

    **Complaints have been filed against Blackberry Mike D Scott and Darcy Johnston with the Better Business Bureau, ombudsman, and the tribunal in regards to their terrible business practices.**

    Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP has commenced a class action against BlackBerry Limited (“BlackBerry”) on behalf of a group of BlackBerry’s employees working in Ontario and across Canada.

    Update. June 12th, 2019

    BlackBerry is seeking leave to appeal the decision of Justice Charbonneau dated May 27th, 2019 certifying our action as proper to proceed as a class action.

    No date has as yet been fixed for the hearing of the BlackBerry motion. We will provide an update once further details are available.

    Update. May 30th, 2019

    The Ontario Superior Court certified a class proceeding against BlackBerry.

    The Ontario Superior Court of Justice certified a class proceeding against BlackBerry Ltd. Impacted BlackBerry employees allege the company terminated their employment when BlackBerry allowed its business partner, the Ford Motor Co. of Canada, to offer them new employment without providing any clear offer of continued employment with BlackBerry. With no clear offer of employment from BlackBerry, the impacted employees accepted employment with Ford, without receiving severance from BlackBerry and with no recognition of their seniority from Ford.

    The Representative Plaintiff, David Parker, was one of the BlackBerry employees who agreed to employment with Ford after BlackBerry would not provide him with any certainty about his future employment with BlackBerry. He started this Action in 2017 on behalf of the impacted employees with Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP as Class Counsel.

    In a decision this week, Justice Michel Charbonneau concluded that Parker’s application satisfies the criteria for a class proceeding, as outlined in the Class Proceedings Act. Justice Charbonneau certified the class proceeding on behalf of:

    All persons in Canada who were employees and/or dependant contractors of BlackBerry Limited (“BlackBerry”), who worked for BlackBerry in Canada and who were offered and accepted employment with the Ford Motor Company of Canada (“Ford”) between January 1, 2017 and April 30, 2017, while excluding BlackBerry employees who filed a complaint pursuant to section 96 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 seeking termination pay and/or severance pay and did not withdraw that complaint within two weeks.

    Parker is named as the representative plaintiff on behalf of these employees. Most of the 300 affected employees are based in Waterloo and Ottawa, Ontario with the rest scattered throughout Ontario and Nova Scotia.

    BlackBerry employees interested in more information about the class action should contact our team by reaching out to Leigh Norton: and (613) 231-8216. We also encourage them to provide their contact information through the BlackBerry Class Action contact form at the bottom of this page to receive updates about this case.

    We will provide further information for impacted employees once that becomes available.

  8. unpolarize says

    I actually liked BB10 but the app support from developers was (understandably) awful. My Blackberry Passport was a decent phone, but it started to lag and I needed some apps only found on iOS and Android. I’m hoping they’ll eventually make a proper android phone where you’ll know it’s a Blackberry in all the right ways—not for being mediocre. This phone seems like a good step but it’s not something I can justify getting over its competition.

  9. yamaha r1 says

    2019 want to sell my s10 to get one but i didnt find it in my country
    Reason1 i got board
    Reason2 i want a tactile opening keyboard its amazing !!!!¡¡¡¡¡
    But performance are holding me

  10. Adib Rahman says

    Still using my BB Priv

  11. im danish says

    Don't Know Why !!
    But This Is Yet My Dream Phone…
    Belive I Currently Used Better Specification Phone From This One.. But Don't Know My This Is Yet My Favourite Should I Buy In 2019 ??

  12. nick Nick says


  13. Psycho- san says

    support pubg?

  14. Rupert FDR says

    It's 2019 and I'm still waiting for Priv 2 😭

  15. ahmad ashry says

    blackberry is agood phone, virtual keyboard is better than physical one

  16. r@fi kandakkai says

    3 gb ram not 2

  17. Prince pal says

    Blackberry ,if some berry is black then it's definitely would be invention of Canadians n Punjabis ,berry is Canada n black is Punjabi n Priv ahm ahm your Trump cards wrestlers😂

  18. Yeezy westy says

    so nice…. can't wait for priv.2

  19. Faiyaz Hasan says

    Came from mkbhd s mi mix 3 video

  20. Gracewv_ says

    i own a blackperry keyONE right now, and this is the phone im planning on getting next

  21. Never Alone Community says

    3GB noob

  22. Bhav Patel says

    ♡ Blackberry loves

  23. ahmad ashry says

    Blackberry is aphone for bussiness men. But avirtual keyboard is bertter than physical one.

  24. Abhishek Sutar says

    My 100 dollar phone has 3 gigs of RAM

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