Blueberry Bread Pudding Boat

Blueberry Bread Pudding Boat
Here is what you’ll need! Blueberry French Toast Boat Serves 5 INGREDIENTS 4 ounces cream cheese, softened ¼ cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 4 eggs ½ …

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  1. KeepsakeAtlas says


  2. kayla park says

    for a second I was expecting them to put cheese on top

  3. Nina Oman says

    made it, and was gone in 10 min. every one loved it

  4. KenzCH S says

    Music name

  5. Daniel Modarres says


  6. Hannah Butt says


  7. Hell Hath No Fury says

    "How to get diabetes in ten easy steps"

  8. Queen Negus says

    OK this looks good as hell!

  9. Anti Mage says

    music <3

  10. Maria Visoso says


  11. bea maie says

    I like all the different recipes on this channel but sometimes seeing the person who preps the food wearing nail polish and rings puts me off a bit.

  12. Flowmagus says

    Damn! I don't even like blueberries and this looks good. I'd use raspberries or blackberries instead.

  13. Shauna G. says

    I definitely would love this!

  14. RΔDICΔL βΣΔST says

    This is food porn

  15. Nicole Sahrling says

    It ain't a Tasty video if it doesn't have sugar, butter, or cream cheese and this one has all three

  16. Itai Laybel says

    Can I use frozen berrys?

  17. Kathy Smith says

    Has anyone made this? thinking of afterschool snack for the kids…

  18. Sherica Johnson says

    oh hell yes

  19. Chocoeak says

    ¿you like chocolate?
    Then subscribe to my channel. I'll wait for you on my channel

  20. can I exchange the blueberries for strawberries??

  21. Kyle Zander says

    Make Carne Asada Fries!

  22. Juryô -san says

    yummm… that moment he dips it in the honey… !
    (* q *) ♥

  23. zomgseriosuly says

    YUM!!! wtf I want this

  24. Realistically who's gonna use blueberries instead of chocolate chips tho,…..

  25. Dennis Lee says

    I'm so confused about this recipe, is this for breakfast or dessert

  26. Tina Lewis says

    this is define !!!

  27. john wheatley says

    Is heavy cream, what we call double cream here in the UK?

  28. Kathya Ayesha says

    The insides are like umm ali, and umm ali is bae

  29. Rainbow Cupcakes :3 says

    David Seymour!!

  30. I'VE McFALLEN says

    wet bread is gross

  31. Good Food channel says

    it is very meals 🙂

  32. San Samman says

    Do you lnow that there is blueberry in lots of parts in middleeast but most of them (90%) dont know what is it and they dont make farms for it or anything xD

  33. Jennifer says

    Not everything has to be in a "boat."

  34. Misery says

    where the fuck is cheese?

  35. Sam Gallardo says

    who eats bread pudding with syrup? where's the ice cream?

  36. ThatOneGirl99 says


  37. Kelly Jansema says

    OMG – NUM!

  38. Mariam Khan says

    Eww why did u dip it in honey 🍯

  39. Nahia Gross says


  40. SC C says

    mind blown

  41. J Sal says

    Bread Pudding or French Toast?

  42. David C Cruz says

    Dip them in batter and fry them or Americans won't eat it.

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