Blueberry Chocolate Energy Bars

Blueberry Chocolate Energy Bars
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  1. Cassidy Rogers says


  2. B03117 says

    Hi guys, I'm an Italian student doing a marketing research for academic purposes. If you regularly buy energy bars, could you please respond to this super quick questionnaire? –> It's just about telling us the first three attributes that come to your mind when you consider whether to buy a specific bar. Thanks a lot

  3. Sneha Maheshwari says

    how to make brown rice cereal?

  4. Second to Third says

    Silly question but how long does everyone think these would be ok to eat after making?

  5. PixelSlayer247 says

    I'll be making these for the first time a little later today, or maybe tomorrow. I'm more or less following the recipe as described, but the dried blueberries were very expensive and only had one size which was far more than i'll need for this, so I will be substituting some honey for extra sweetness and some shredded coconut because I like coconut in my granola bars and such. Also decided to go with blanched, halved almonds instead of whole so I wouldn't have to cut the nuts up on the cutting board, just personal preference there.
    I think it'll still hold together though, hopefully it turns out well!
    As always, thank you for an interesting recipe and for inspiring me to cook for myself more often, to save money and eat healthy food i'll also enjoy!

  6. Sean Wilson says

    needs caffeine powder or instant coffee in it

  7. Tuma says

    Why do i get late notifications😑

  8. Laura C. says

    Just some ideas: 2.5 cups of peanut butter instead of dates
    3 cups granola instead of cereal and oats
    Cranberries instead of blueberries (or raisins)
    You can also use milk or white chocolate if preferable

  9. _hams .90 says

    wooow! I like it so much♥♥

  10. LOLCupcake9051 Cool says

    Looks Yummy! 😀

  11. random skittles says

    Any substitute for the dates?

  12. вl тяαsн says

    Minus the raisins👌

  13. shyy laseann says


  14. jacop wilson says

    Just whats the size of 1 cup? ive never seen in tasties videos

  15. Laurel S says

    How long do these last? I'm guessing they can be frozen?

  16. MA RIAH says

    Can you do some recipes without peanuts my boyfriend is ALLERGIC?????

  17. Hussein Ahmed says

    These videos will be so useful when I grow up

  18. Uchiha Ahmed says

    OhO yes!

  19. Britney Bain says


  20. kim hye soo johnson says

    Tasty, can you please get rid of the guy at the end saying “OH YES!”. It sounds like he is having an orgasm and it’s a disgusting feeling to really want to eat/be creative with that damn man at the end letting it out. -_-

  21. 17 subs with no vids says


  22. Lucas Vinzon says

    why do walnuts get nasty when I bake them at 120 C for 25 min? It gets a bit rancid I think.

  23. orando15 says

    This is basically a Kind Bar 😂

  24. Lina Boshof says

    It Looks soooo yummy

  25. Star Fish says

    Is this healthier than most muesli bars tho???

  26. Krish Mistry says


  27. Erika Cole Soul Kitchen says

    I don’t know about this combination

  28. Espee says

    love your recipes. foods i love made from scratch with healthier ingredients. Thank You!

  29. Cooking Lessons for Dad says

    Healthy and chocolate? That is my kind of recipe!

  30. Olleh Juice says

    Hello 2

  31. Vertices Corb says

    I would not eat that because I don't like almonds and walnuts

  32. Daniel Vestholm says

    Just so people know these are not healthy

  33. Babin Sarkar says

    The worst mistake of my life is why did l watch Tasty's videos coz l know they are always "tasty"😋😋😋😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😃😃😃😃

  34. Marcia Aparecida says

    I love

  35. DC_Girlie says

    To make this perfect get rid of the nuts, dates, oats, rice cereal, blueberries, and cinnamon and just get a bar of chocolate

  36. Kaunainfatima 786 says

    You are amazing yar

  37. Shahad says

    الله يجوعكم زي ماجوعتونا

  38. Mohammed Kameel says

    Ohhh Yes

  39. Nσvα Kísh says

    Am I the only one who doesn't like chocolate..

  40. Food Made Easy says

    FOODIE? Don't forget to check us out And subscribe 😋😁

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