Border Grill’s Grilled Steak • Tasty

Border Grill’s Grilled Steak • Tasty
Tuck into the Border Grill’s Marinated Steak to close out Women’s History Month! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …

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  1. Perfect Smoked says

    Your data is extremely unique.

  2. Chris Eckman says

    Their steak is so good!

  3. Shawn Demspter says

    They said this recipe is easy, would take me 7 hours.

  4. Gracie Felichio says

    If I ever eat this steak it might actually make me go skrrrrrrrrrrr! Ok ok I know it was cheesy lol 😂

  5. MariposAngélique says

    I used to watch a show on the Food Network amazing 😉

  6. Avram David says

    omfg she looks soo jewish

  7. Ivor Qorxuul says

    Holy hell it's The Two Hot Tamales! I watched their show whenever it was on. Glad they're still doing what they love!

  8. Alyssa Garcia says

    Great video tasty that grilled steak looks so delicious I love steak yum

  9. Kelly Mapatano says

    Cooking with rings ? No no no … but great recipe otherwise

  10. Eileen Tirado says

    That looked so mouth watering

  11. Cason Real says

    They les?

  12. Tunisia Tucker says

    It's great to see those two again

  13. Katetanic says

    What if you don’t want cilantro? They tend to taste and smell like stink bugs.

  14. Rhazel Anadis says

    Saw the cilantro and I’m out

    Cilantro tastes like soap

  15. Dev Patel says

    this feels so forced?

  16. Clarissa May says

    watching at 3am:

  17. Larissa H says

    The food might be good but….why they don't take off the amount of rings what they wear even when they cook for themselves ?
    Not very hygienical.

  18. Cooking food with too much rings on your fingers?? Just disgusting

  19. Sophie Jocelyn says

    Definitely going to look at that steak with the marinade, just minus the avocado… I can’t stand it!

  20. Pure Estrogen says

    I want some.

  21. Karen Solomon says

    That steak looks delicious

  22. Wow this steak recipe looks amazing!

  23. Zerus Zephuros says

    I'm so happy for you two grandmas o_o"!! (woah, their story)

  24. Kht Dreaming says

    That looks so yummy!😋 I want to eat your channel it's full of yummy food!💖

  25. K4 Josiah says

    This recipe was better imo

  26. bruh69 says

    They look so cute (in a grandma way)

  27. Dark Avenger says

    I wish I had the chefs from tasty be my personal chefs

  28. stiltman92 says

    Love my Two Hot Tamales!

    Border Grill is fantastic, and make the absolute best mojito on the planet.

  29. shosho tv says


  30. Grilled Steak looks yummy.

  31. Wow…

  32. Laura Pasaribu says

    Mary is the older Devin

  33. Ketchup Gaming says

    would you make me some BITCH LASANGA please

  34. daddy's kitchen says

    Hey you scroller, go to my channel for more cooking video

  35. ZenZaBill says

    I keep the therapy out of the meals. Tends to sour things at times.

  36. Khaja Nawafuddin says

    LA is good.But,rappers are dying,so I don't wanna be there

  37. ACE7O2 says

    They also have a restaurant located inside the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas

  38. Diana Hernandez says

    I dont eat meat nuch but that looks delicious

  39. AZNjyc25 says

    I love acid too

  40. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Nice 👌

  41. Wooooow👏🌿🌿🌿🌴🌴🌴😜😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Food Stuff With Alia says


  43. Os Vlogs says

    Check out my Chanel 😝

  44. Liz says

    Wow! That actually looks good!!!

  45. Marlon John says

    I love these two

  46. Aliyah Johnson says

    People don’t understand how important therapy is!! There’s this huge stigma associated with it which I don’t understand why. We get physical checkups all the time because when we think about health we think about our physical status and always neglect how equally important out mental status is. Glad she mentioned it

  47. fjvisjjab says

    Granny just loves acid and steak 2:58

  48. Rudy1959 Romero says

    Abulita recipe

  49. Heather McC says

    I love these two so much! #huitlococe

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