Bread Bowl Quiche

Bread Bowl Quiche
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  1. Alec K says

    18 EGGS OMG

  2. Shana Berlysabchi says

    Warm aluminium shouldn't touch the food, it is really dangerous for health…

  3. Awkward Fangirl says

    Omg they are handling the food witb bare hands.. eeww.. But thank god they are white hands, If it was a brown hand it definitely would have had germs and bacteria in it.

  4. Nadine Stacey says

    Spinach would be better than broccoli….the bread looks very burnt at the bottom after baking as well

  5. Fabíola Cardoso says


  6. Camper2408 says

    Omg I thought this was a new how to basic video at first… disappointed

  7. Helen Cole says

    Make your cooking easier with our fun and innovative kitchenware >>>

  8. Wondering Spirit says

    Use better quality cheese on bottom and top, cream and egg should be 50/50 then it’d be great.

  9. I subscribed to your channel. Super recipes yo have thanks.

  10. Dont Go Bacon My Heart says

    I feel like this was unnecessary but also I'm obsessed.

  11. Nikola Damljanovic says

    Wtf is this song so fucking awesome omgggvv idlike to now how is it c

  12. Glen & Friends Cooking says

    Nope! Not a recipe that we would make… It's a very 1950's misinterpretation of what a quiche should be, with ingredients that shouldn't be part of a quiche – ever. We'll walk away from this one and try to forget that we ever saw it. #LeGourmetTV

  13. Essem Sween says

    You could use individual crusty rolls too for lunches or a party. Good idea.

  14. reddoren says

    A bowl of heart attack 😀

  15. Stanley Pines says

    I gOt SoMe EgG sHeLl In mY QuIcHe

    Pls tell me the someone got this .

  16. Galaxy Pat says


  17. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Very nice 👌👌👌

  18. Rizh Mera says

    Wat😯18 eggs…. any one prefer to being fat try this recipe😂

  19. MACJunkie88 says

    for those wondering…you can use the leftover bread to make a bread pudding. probably a savory one. not sure how a sweet one would taste using sourdough

  20. Drouin Johnny says

    Gagging….looking so good..

  21. Debalina Ghosh says


  22. EMIVIY says

    The bottom of the bread looks burnt tho 🙁

  23. Shane Taylor says

    That visual of those eggs pouring was so satisfying yet.. so very awful.

  24. Tasty 😋 2018 aye

  25. Claudia Ivy says

    Watching this in tears…I'm hungry!!!😦

  26. Berry Tania says

    I would totally eat it, if there were no eggs.

  27. EZGlutenFree says

    Yes Please!
    Very Cool Idea.

  28. Gaylene Wood says

    For the bread crust you could've used some garlic butter and coat it and I'm sure it would taste pretty darn good.

  29. haloShAdOwSnIpE says

    At 1:15 you can clearly see the bottom crust is burnt to a pile of vomit inducing black carbon ash. This recipe is a clear failure.

  30. J L says

    Oohoo nooo. That egg looks so rubbery and the cheese a mess on the bottom

  31. masterimbecile says

    Waweg board. Quiche board.

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