Breakfast Bake 2 Ways: Sweet Vs. Savory • Tasty

Breakfast Bake 2 Ways: Sweet Vs. Savory • Tasty
Would you have a sweet brunch or a savory one? Whichever is your preferred, we have a recipe for you! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …

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  1. Samantha Cruspero says


  2. Nuanesia Food says

    mmm … what if sweet and savory doesn't fight each other

    maybe it will become chocolate banana fried rice


  3. Haddy Bojang says


  4. Shay HammoWolf says


  5. Elice Braga says

    Bruh, who makes that for Breakfast…

    I want Savory 😀

  6. Alyssa Garcia says

    Great video this cooked meals look delicious

  7. NAO V2 says

    Savoury. Becoz the sweet one has waaaaaaay too much sugar.

  8. Brian the Trainer says

    Both 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  9. Danial Ashraf Ghazali says

    1 bowl of refined sugar + 1 bowl of brown sugar

    =Heart Attack

  10. Kura-Kura FLY says

    Fckin damn both ! OMG 😍🤟🏼

  11. Forks_YT says


  12. Freya_Moon says

    I’m gonna choose savory cause too much sweet can make me sick

  13. kate :] says

    These look fantastic! Do you think you guys could make a vegan one?

  14. ragaire says


  15. Ellie Demetriou says


  16. hwang_tae_noreen says

    Yea I ain’t spending that much time on mai breakfast

  17. myself not yours says

    Savoury or sweet it's a hard choice dude

  18. ninja raid says

    I prefer both

  19. ashcoop17 says

    I'm that savory kinda guy, not into sweet dishes too much

  20. Gayatri Dwivedi says

    Use me as a button to vote for sweet.
    (that's just my way to get likes)😂

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