Bridesmaids Share Their Horror Stories

Bridesmaids Share Their Horror Stories
Some bridesmaids share their wildest stories, from bachelorette parties to wedding day nightmares. Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: …

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  1. VBV TV says

    You never hear dudes saying, "I've been a groomsman 5 times."

  2. ITZ CC says

    My name is sienna

  3. Ebo Ighdalo says

    Who else agrees that sienna's story was the best🤨😄

  4. lp4ju says

    I've been a bridesmaid in one wedding. The bride picked a light pink dress… and on the day of the wedding I was on my period. During the ceremony I had a little leak 😫 . As I'm walking out of the church I'm trying to hold my dress so nobody can see but also still hold onto the groomsman I'm walking with and being photographed with. myself and the other bridesmaids run into the bathroom and they're trying to remove the stain… 🙁

  5. Advika Anand says

    The second girl sounds like Liza Koshy ngl

  6. kobi francisco funny kobi says

    Im on just caption and the second girls is rapping i cant

  7. Kate Rose says

    I was a bridesmaid once

  8. Jasmeen Dhaliwal says

    @ the first story: bro that's the dream… I hope the stripper was hot & the 25 mins was amazing lol

  9. Alicia Buksh says

    Ok that first girl is funny and beautiful what her ig 😂😍

  10. Marry Goround says

    Bridesmaid 5 times? I don't even have 5 friends

  11. Natanya T says

    The moral of the story is don't hire strippers…..

  12. Sonia Luna says

    Oh man sienna quite the opposite for me I was the maid of honor and was the only one that got my dressed hemmed. All the brides maids are falling out and tripping over they’re dresses. Oh well that’s over with thank god!

  13. Sarah O'Connor says

    She should of used safety pins to hem the dress.

  14. naruto’s raman says

    The second girl is sooooo funny what’s her Instagram or Twitter lmao?

  15. Jodi Lund says

    Jess's story wins hands down.

  16. Jiordan Burris says

    Idk why at the beginning of the video I thought they were gonna say “I’ve been a bridesmaid for 5 years”

  17. faitharooo_ says

    OH DANG lol these stories are insane
    I've definitely been to a few wedding where the bride & bridesmaids aren't friends anymore aftewards.

    Sienna's story was freaking hilarious

  18. tapiwa kadzviti says

    That childhood best friend in the last one should have just been kicked out of the wedding

  19. Siena says

    I never thought I would hear my name said that many times in one video

  20. Dumisa Lengwati says

    Good God the girl in the last story is incorrigible 😱 She managed to do every inappropriate thing a bridesmaid shouldn't do!

  21. MsFears says

    Nude heels elongate your legs.

  22. Amelia Brett says

    Who else has been a true fan of  "As/ls"  before 2019?💞
    💫𝐢 𝐚𝐦 𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐲 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭  ~57~ 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐬💫   🎁

  23. jessie mayfield says

    The 2nd was the best 😂 lol she’s the best

  24. Samantha Flood says

    You make bridesmaids pay for their dresses?? Omfg

  25. Jim Bob says

    L A V E N D E R

  26. Monique C.H. says

    The 3rd Bridesmaid story confused me cuz why was the tailor being picky about her strapless bra?! Like what does that have to do with you fixing her dress?!

  27. Alexis Gatica says

    Girl the first story😂😂 somethings better left unsaid

  28. Shelly says

    Why was she walking around without deodorant?

  29. Bella Ahhh says

    Well why would you hire strippers if she’s getting married!?!?? 🤦‍♀️

  30. Aaliya Khan says

    The blue dress in the safety pin story was stunning. She did a great job!

  31. Selene says

    wait, bridesmaids have to pay for their dresses?

  32. Selene says

    the second one doesn't seem ready to be a bridesmaid

  33. Robe Alsola says

    As/ls: Bridesmaids Horror Stories
    Me: Man, I can't wait till my friends get married and maybe I get to live a nightmare 😂

  34. Shadaja Lloyd says

    The last one would’ve been out of my wedding IMMEDIATELY. cause girl no lmao

  35. Shannon Brophy says

    The third lady was hard to follow in her story; pauses in her sentences was odd. Last story was really good.

  36. Zoe McManus says

    You GO last bride! Call out that crazy bridesmaid

  37. LoveBugaxa says

    I wish they showed a picture of the safety pin story dress!

  38. Dagny Coffman says

    i had to be sneaky and hide them in the inside

  39. Danna’s Channel says

    why the second bridesmaid remind me of emma chamberlain?

  40. Cordula The Platypus says

    "I didn't know Sienna was stabbed shortly before the wedding"

  41. Kira Butler says

    My mother was in a wedding that was our cousin and she hadn’t even payed off off anything she had all bridesmaids put money to her wedding they payed off her venue her cake decorator the cater just about everything

  42. Briana says

    Omg that last story was nightmarish. What a train wreck from start to finish

  43. Sophia Smith says

    Imagine being the “lesbian bride” and finding out through this video that it was you

  44. Flordia Bella says

    Tselane is also a science teacher right?

  45. PoetVII says

    The blob at 0:42 has enough spacial gravitational mass to be her own her own horror story. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cow.

  46. Nicole Foti says

    The dress hemming story gave me so much anxiety haha That would 100% happen to me

  47. plz no says

    All these bridesmaids are gorgeous omg

  48. Gio T says

    The storytelling of the first, second and fourth ladies was so engaging 😂

  49. noelle127 says

    The second bridesmaid was hilarious if anyone knows her @ lmk.

  50. Magick Miiror says

    That last bridesmaid in the story seemed absolutely rude and self-centered, especially considering she was supposed to be the bride's "childhood best friend". Fighting with the bride, texting the bride's groom a very out of line chain of texts, throwing tantrums, stealing center pieces, and more? Oh no, they had far more patience than I. I would have booted her out after the first tantrum. Not on MY day! There's already enough stress going into planning such a ceremony. If they don't have the courtesy of help and instead add even more- nope! Goodbye!

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