Bubble Wrap Honeycomb Cake • Tasty

Bubble Wrap Honeycomb Cake • Tasty
This cake is the bee’s knees. You and your guests won’t be able to stop buzzin’ about it! We used boxed cake mix to keep things simple, but feel free to get …

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  1. ႶტRოႩႶ says

    You really use some gross bubble wrap for a cake.

  2. Paola Al Dewliy Photography says

    So ur just gonna leave that gap there?

  3. Denny Playz says

    I was wondering… what if bees see this
    Will they be like OMG A NEW HIVE and build their hive there or something

  4. Daphne Chirino says

    Do you think will be fine if i use salted butter? Thanks for the video¡

  5. Pause at 2:09 look at the right hand..Illuminati confirmed..

  6. kawaï chibi says

    Am I the only one who saw the triforce on his/her arm?😊😊😊

  7. MrSly025 says

    Hello fat ass

  8. Heather J says

    Im more interested in the homemade honey comb than the cake lol

  9. Echo Rosslyn says

    But isn't bubble wrap super unsanitary?

  10. Format says

    Im going to make this cake for the end of the school year! I hope it will be yummy!!!

  11. Zara LLOYD says

    the yellow candy melts look like mustard.

  12. Peter O'Toole says

    That's brilliant, if its not fun, then whats the point?.

  13. Syellenide says

    Am I the only one who finds this too sweet?

  14. Natural Nayra says

    If I eat that, I will get SUUUGARRR RUSHHHHHHHH🤤

  15. Easy Home Life says
  16. Same Hoe42 says

    Tasty fail

  17. personal_playlist 94 says

    So freakin unhealthy. The amount of butter, OMG

  18. Sloth Armstrong says

    Ya like jazz?

  19. Olive says

    please david… do this

  20. Spice Trap says

    This gave me Diabetes

  21. durr.i.samin tirmizi says

    I don't like honey

  22. Elena Bordenova says


  23. Ethan Pereira says


  24. olivia crews says

    What’s the stuff on top?

  25. VanePane 04 says

    I don't make, I just watch and get hungry

  26. jasiel delgado says


  27. Rocketship 77 says

    The thing is whenever I see bubble wrap I cannot resist to pop the bubbles

  28. Health & Household says

    I know fame doesn�t come over night but I do try my hardest to become a great Youtuber

  29. MantaGalaxy says

    Is there anyway to add honey to the candy melts? Or will that mess with the structure of the decorative honeycomb?

  30. Weight Loss Dietitian says

    Thank you for a wonderful picture

  31. Mussavir Sheikh says

    Love the music in these vids! Where does it come from?!

  32. Haley Faragalli says

    This is so pretty!

  33. Massicure says

    I think that guy is a gamer cause i can see tge triforce tatoo on his right arm

  34. Hair Care Specialist says

    Let�s play a game. Girls keep the likes odd. Boys keep the likes even

  35. R143 Siemens #8288 says

    I love how the outside of the cake was just yellow white chocolate and they didn't explain how to make the homemade honeycomb…great..

  36. Hannah Rose says

    Pretty sure How To Cake It inspired this video.

  37. emily yang says

    David Seymour?

  38. FaNTaJI ZX says

    what is the music name ?

  39. certifiedweeb101 says

    This kinda reminded me of that honeycomb cake cooking tree made

  40. Infinity Peace says

    Can David Seymour make this?

  41. TheBookCover12 says

    All The little holes r making me uncomfortable for some reason.

  42. Penguin Time says

    Who else gets really inspired to cook after these videos but then remembers that they can only make pasta?

  43. KelZ X says

    Diabetic Coma here we come !

  44. Lillian Marquette says

    Queen Bee from Miraculous Ladybug liked this

  45. couch potato says

    what if cockroaches lived on the bubble wrap?

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