Buddha Bowl Meal Prep

Buddha Bowl Meal Prep
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  1. Dikyi Ukyab says

    I'm confused….did I miss the part where this was related to buddha? Is there a jesus bowl that you guys can make a video for too?

  2. Paula says

    Looks so good but how do you stop the avocado from turning brown?

  3. maria diletta meucci says


  4. SaltySkeletor says

    i love how these are buddha bowls. but contain the 5 things not to use. like garlic and spice pepper

  5. Sandy Prater says

    Who fried in sesame oil? That’s insane. Maybe a blend…but you should state that. It’s going to be way too strong and also be at risk of burning. We don’t even put in the oil in our dishes until the very end or when the food is off the heat.

  6. Ams says

    Anyone know if there's channels that does videos on only Buddha bowl prep/recipes? For different diet preferences

  7. Lexi Green says

    The chickpea recipe is good just a little too salty

  8. Vivian TAN says

    i just wanna mention that maybe this is not a buddha meal cuz u used garlic, which shouldnt be in real buddha meal😊

  9. davis motomiya says

    The BEST one so far ! This looks waay easier compared to the other recipes out . Thanks !

  10. Luna Lovegood says

    This looks really good, but will a dressing of hummus and water actually taste nice? Also will the avocado go brown if you cut it, or is it ok because it's in the fridge?

  11. Si Fi says

    Beautiful video and very healthy. But cold tofu and edame are not easy to digest.

  12. LaughOutRandom says

    They don’t eat garlic though…

  13. Chee Yew says

    Vegan food with Ingredients such as – garlic , onions , scallions, shallots, parsley & coriander, leeks……

    Cannot be called as “Buddha Bowls” – please check “the forbidden pungent vegetables”

    五辛 or 五葷 in Chinese.

    Just sharing 🙏

  14. Brian Soulideth says

    Why is it called Buddha bowls if they are not given to the Buddha as a prayer.

  15. Fitness Mindset says

    Great video

  16. M Bee says

    Just made these for my week but I sub brown rice for red lentils. Many thanks!

  17. frilink says

    Hipster Buddha

  18. chrisinthehouse says

    olive oil at 450 degrees?.. hello inflammation

  19. Nikki Lyn says


  20. TheSeliMD says

    I am a simple man. When i see vegan imitation shit, i hit dislike

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