Budget-Friendly 4-Ingredient Veggie Soups

Budget-Friendly 4-Ingredient Veggie Soups
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  1. Aesthetically Pleasing says

    Ok that’s just purée

  2. Rica Min says

    you call this soup? much like a smoothie gosh

  3. Elva Lopez says

    Looks like a smothie not a 🍲 soup

  4. Jason Is not a tortilla says

    That’s just a weird ass smoothie you put in a bowl

  5. Shuchi Bhadoria says

    Can someone please explain to me why someone in their right mind would call baby food soup? Or how they would add cauliflowers, beets, peppers, or broccoli into baby food?

  6. Katie Smith says

    I made the mistake of trying this. Don’t, literally don’t. It is worse then just eating the actual vegetables raw. Hell at least raw it will give you a satisfying crunch, this is just hot broccoli juice.

  7. Chris Danby says

    Definitely one of the more disliked videos by Tasty.

  8. Thats NOT a soup thats just blended broccoli and the same thing with s bunch of other vegtables?? Just me?

  9. TurkBurg says

    Okay but what if you mixed them all together?

  10. Svea Coldspeed says

    Another good veggie soup recipe:
    Potato carrot or any other vegetables
    Boil in some kind of broth
    Blend it (optional)

  11. Raine Animates says

    I watched your video now will you GET OUT!

    It seems more like a puree to me, or just… Vegetable mush

    Also, is it just me, or did they not heat it up?

  12. Sven 2 says

    Bet u can use trees

  13. Emilia Toma says

    Those are literally the all the vegetables I hate the most

  14. bookwormidaho321 says

    I just made the cauliflower soup. It does have a nice consistency, maybe go with a little less water than in recipe. I've also thrown some roasted garlic in it and it is fantastic with some Dutch oven bread

  15. Denial Number 4 says


  16. F Katherine says

    Uhhhhhhh ummmmisthis smoothie 😂

  17. Mc Son says

    Veg smoothie😝

  18. uglygrandma says

    everyone else: bruh this is just a smoothie
    me: why am I here I've drank 2 cokes today and I'm eating raw spaghetti and thinking that's healthy

  19. Leaping Millard says

    These are very wrong

  20. charlotte ileana says

    i’m appalled

  21. Vailabe Gaming says

    That's not soup, but rather smoothie

  22. 420 _- says

    Ok first of all I'm high…. And second of all that's a good damn broccoli smoothie. And lastly …. I don't have the munchies anymore so thank you

  23. Boss Work says

    Who else like to narrate these videos in your head

  24. Marjo IsKlein says

    Nice babyfood you got there

  25. Julio LikesPish says


  26. Hot Potato says

    You don't boil beets-

  27. Roa Zidar says

    do ppl actually eat this

  28. allie says

    look it's all the food vegans can eat !
    oh …

  29. Ashley 89 says

    It also works as a slurry plank

  30. Ray Calderon says

    I bought your knife kit and it really is handy! 😁

  31. Iona Gacha Lin says

    Wow just relived my mum makes me every single one of these 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  32. Budget friendly? Brocoli's pricy as fuck in my country

  33. Chris Groth says

    Um, these are just vegetable water…

  34. Lovable Passion says

    I would never try these. Gross.

  35. Owen B says


  36. super_shelly123 :D says


  37. Esra DA QUEEN says

    Hey this is not soup this is "vegetabel smoothie"…😂😂

  38. Estelle Pieterse says

    This looks like someone just puked an vegetable

  39. Gacha green star says

    Carrot, tomato, sweet potato

  40. pogthehog says

    water vegetables blender SOUP

  41. Harsh Gharlute says

    Oh God we get smaller broccolis in India!

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