Buffalo Chicken Hand Pies • Tasty

Buffalo Chicken Hand Pies • Tasty
Baked by hand and made with love, these buffalo chicken hand pies are packed full of tangy flavor! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube …

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  1. Aizuddin Yusoff says

    Hmm… Karipap daging. What else to be named fancy.

  2. mofisa says

    what a nice karipap!

  3. Ruru Iqa says

    its look like karipap

  4. Avalon Rempel says

    Hey join the cult

  5. Joey says

    what hurts me most is not that they called them hand pies, but the fact that aside from the sliders, they barely used any actual buffalo chicken in these recipes

  6. Biglewoo says

    I thought that is curry pufff because of the thumbnail i dont read the title lol

  7. Akmal Amani says

    So the last one is named "buffalo chicken" only?

  8. joaquin heredia says

    Hand pie hahahha wtf

  9. Heartslove 3 says

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  10. Riley Martin says

    Empanadas! The f***!

  11. Carlos Yaque says

    Empanadas? Why are y’all white washing Latin food? Like come on

  12. Nana says

    Is it just me? Or the first ones looks like pastry puff.

  13. Guardian says

    Its like a mini chebureki

  14. Victoria G says

    Y’all really just gonna ignore the fact you just called an EMPANADA a hand pie…

  15. Daniel Cartagena says


  16. mario says

    llamáis hand pies a las empanadillas… por eso odio a los guiris

  17. Dale C says

    could you use puff pastry instead of pie crust?

  18. Edwin Cancel II says

    Those buffalo chicken dishes look delicious.

  19. aasim Anwar says


  20. Luz Abregu says


  21. Gandalf Monkey Animations says

    As a Peruvian American, these should be called empanadas

  22. Rafu says

    So Empanadas

  23. Le dice hand pie a las empanadas que boludo

  24. dominique scherer says


  25. lumi. says

    "hand pies"
    me, a brazilian guy: wtf these are pastéis (empanadas)

  26. Bazziness says

    This is karipap in Malaysia

  27. Steven D says

    I remember the first time I got a hand pie.

  28. bulgolgi says

    isnt this just a currypuff

  29. Corey Leon says

    Ah yes, they call these Pierogis where I'm from

  30. Nita Bone says

    That's a Pattie bout pie

  31. ML Formaran Jeon says


    ThAt'S aIn't BuFFalO cHicKeN HAnd PiE tHat'S fUcKinG EmPaNaDAs HAHAHAH

  32. BAKE IT MY WAY says

    I am a beginner in YouTube so pls do support me☺️☺️☺️☺️

  33. giridhar palse says

    This looks like Indian dish called karanji

  34. Ian Hall says

    Please get the name right folks….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasty

  35. TrollPotatoe says

    this is curry puff in asia bruh

  36. Kayley Brooke says

    That last one confused tf out of me

  37. bodman 12345 says

    You can tell the lady who made this video is fat from her fingers

  38. Lord Sakazuki says

    U ruined it with the FUCKING ONION U FUCKING IDIOTS JS

  39. Sippin' HOt Tae says

    Not to be that person but if they say it’s what it actually is, ppl will start saying “tHats nOt hOw yOu mAke iT” so uh

  40. azmil roslan says

    that's……. karipap

  41. Sentinal Gaming says

    So it's a savory, non veg, GUJIYA

  42. wing of Light says

    Forget about it just karipap tho

  43. Xvr says

    Im still going through the ads.. Just to say that i wanna unsunscribe for the simple fact that you called it "hand pies" instead of "empanadas"….like really??

  44. Sapik Hensem says

    That's karipap.. 3 pieces singgit.

  45. Andrea Isabella says

    wait ur telling me these aren't empanadas????

  46. A Syadwan says

    No this is Karipap

  47. LeAny says

    Amazing recipe, check out our recipes too ❤️❤️

  48. JC Koon says

    Where my family is from they call it meat pie but with no chicken but with meat

  49. Null Void says

    it's called an empanada you culture appropriating chefs

  50. Dante Vahez Leicaf says

    Just call them Chiken Donuts at this point…pokemon reference

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