Butternut Squash Pancakes • Tasty

Butternut Squash Pancakes • Tasty
Bring the taste of Fall to the breakfast this holiday season with these decadent butternut squash pancakes. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. April K says

    Those look so delicious..why am I always missing like one or 2 things to make something…but yum

  2. Haley Faragalli says

    Ooh yay

  3. Hazel Grace Lancaster says

    What's the difference between pumpkin and squash?

    (I'm sorry, English isn't my first language and I really want to get better)

  4. Joshua Higman says

    Or you could make normal pancakes which take less time and are tastier 🤨🤨

  5. Frank Tartaglia says

    I love this channel, it has inspired me to get back into shape and start eating right.

    It also moved me to start my own Youtube channel although i'm just starting to get the hang of it

    not sure if they are good enough to get any subscribers but it helps stay accountable.

  6. Story Hubb says

    Omg! Those L 👀ked Amazing❣️😋

  7. Kitchen Table says

    So delicious

  8. Cuisine de couple says

    Abonnez vous à ma chaîne "Cuisine de couple"

  9. Elizabeth Maloney says

    Hot take: I hate butternut squash

  10. Real Inverse says

    Dont try this recipe , Its No Nut November!

  11. Kattie Mcfarlin says

    Wondering if these pancakes are gonna be dense??

  12. Nelson You says


  13. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Look so delicious

  14. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Awesome food

  15. Tyler Snacc says

    i hate pecans

  16. L says

    That thumbnail looks really delicious

  17. 밥안사-Ez cooking class says

    Hello, I am a Korean chef. It is very nice to see various foods on your channel.❤❤👍👍

  18. ValDIIION ! says

    ew… cranberries
    just make them with the nuts.

  19. Tasty World 美味的世界 says

    It's hard to do it

  20. AARUM's KITCHEN says

    Oh Wao good I make potato pancakes

  21. ℂДʝℳøИƎ✞1 says

    🤤 😋

  22. I hate vegetables but still watch this

  23. Это просто фантастическое расточительство продуктов! Минус пол-холодильника моментально

  24. Sanjeewa Gamage says


  25. Kate says

    Too thin.

  26. NeNe Rose says


  27. Awesome says

    Tasty, great video! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!💯🙏🙌

  28. My Kitchen says

    Thanks me later 😉
    Love from Holland

  29. Dominique Jackson says

    squash hmm might be good because i do not like squash

  30. وصفات مع منال says


  31. VanJim says

    Sugar bomb😱

  32. Karen D says


  33. Ishan Ali says

    Looks amazing

  34. Jordana says

    Good stuff Tasty!

  35. GekidoXIII says

    These are fritters :/

  36. Lana Lolol says


  37. Quincy Cole says


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