Butternut Squash Ravioli

Butternut Squash Ravioli
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  1. 50Street21 says

    Watched this recipe and I'm already hooked. I love the simplicity in the presentation. Just subscribed. Thanks!

  2. Heather says

    I know it sounds weird, but my gym teacher in high school showed me this recipe and we made some together lol and after I graduated I’ve been craving it now. It’s so delicious

  3. kefkapalazzo1 says

    I had this at a restaurant yesterday and I needed to learn how to make it thanks

  4. Lindsay Johnson says

    Put a little dribble of water between the pasta layers. Dip your finger in some water and run it across where the seams will be. It'll help hold the pasta together better.

  5. Mr. Spock says

    Most bastardized pasta I’ve ever seen 👎🏻

  6. Anna Michelle says

    Cooked it with this recipe and turned out great!! Thanks!

  7. Juliana Postrado says

    I just made it, it was good but leave out the sugar, it was too sweet

  8. Thin Kebab says

    Why so many hands

  9. CREK RiFt says

    I’m not a big fan of tasty videos, but I have to say that looks really good

  10. cromerbeach says

    Love this video and the ice cube tray great idea and of course making the pasta dough in the processor

  11. P Jaye says

    Just made this this evening and it truly is as easy as it looks! Great recipe. Texture of the pasta was perfect. I used a regular pizza cutter though then a fork to seal.

  12. calmdownandliveitup says

    I've watched this over and over about 20 times in a row because it's just that beautiful. SO MAKING THIS

  13. lawrence wei says

    Ice cube tray!

  14. An Angel Named Michael says

    I like to ferment the butternut squash filling under my foreskin for a at least a week.

  15. what evah says

    This is so ned and ariel😂👌 like who came here after watching night in night out

  16. Jimmy Ho says

    Ned and Ariel's hands. We know the truth!

  17. Dios says

    Ravioli Ravioli give me the formuoli

  18. Natalie Johnson says

    What could I use instead of eggs in the pasta for a vegan friendly recipe?

  19. Jonas Jørgensen says

    For those who wants to try it out
    The flower has to be type 00

  20. Matt Simmons says

    Nice use of the ice tray!

  21. Damien Tran says

    Boil until the pasta floats
    You will too

  22. kittens are the best says

    is that ned's and ariel's recipe??

  23. Razai Art says

    It looks good.. Invite me when you finish it.. And if you want to draw something in 3d illusion I can do it for you with pleasure..get look on my 3d drawing channel and tell me if you like it.. Thank you in advance..

  24. Naturally Josy says

    So much butter
    They're running out of butter in France
    Ask Tasty for some help here. 😅😅

  25. Mister Turk Turkle says

    Lurn to meat.
    Buttnut squish isnt food

  26. TomCook1993 says

    ice cube tray is terrible. Too much air in the ravioli.

  27. Danny Rivera says

    The amount of butter in this recipe put me into cardiac arrest just by watching the video !

  28. Rere de Pepe says

    RIP FilthyFrankTv, your Ravioli's would be missed.

  29. Shy Bean says

    I would love to eat this, it looks soooo good! But the effects of what it'll do to my stomach..😖😭

  30. Zoe Smith says

    I like tacos

  31. Kazim Hussain says

    Last time I ate squash ravioli on a flight I vomited

  32. Ethan Shepherd says

    Idea, could you guys do a camping themed episode with backpacking stoves?

  33. O G says

    Too much butter WTF would eat that? Obese ppl maybe

  34. Sofrito Cocina says

    Suscríbete a mi Canal✌✌✌

  35. Calaquita74 says

    The amount of butter used in Tasty recipes is baffling to me

  36. Fanny Ståhl says

    Tasty puts Parmesan on everything!

  37. ScrappyDoo Gal says

    The butter takes it to the next level.

  38. Aramis says

    jesus christ , will you relax with the butter??? how much was that???

  39. Panduh 13ear says

    Wow, where has that ice cube tray "hack" been all my life.

  40. Brick Top says

    More like "buttered butter and butternut filled ravioli"

  41. Epic Lime-0 says

    Not vegan… YET!!! XD

  42. Laberrynth says

    did they just season butter with butter

  43. Gaby Goldsby says

    If anyone's ever had the butternut squash ravioli at Todd English's Olives…. I feel like this is a pretty close recipe.

  44. 1411 Chanel says


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