Can A Normal Guy Join The 1%? (with Barry Rothbart)

Can A Normal Guy Join The 1%? (with Barry Rothbart)
Depends who you ask.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! FEATURING Barry Rothbart, …

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  1. Nicole Lai says

    He didn't blink once in the intro

  2. faimzan21 says

    Lol 35k a year in India is like a millionare. A dollar goes further elsewhere trust me.

  3. faimzan21 says

    Just sell drugs. contact me for details.

  4. faimzan21 says

    Just sell drugs. Contact me for details

  5. Conner James says


  6. Neha Nain says


  7. Larry S says

    Aaaaaaaaaaand that intern was fired, lol

  8. Nether Warrior says

    I learned in a minute that buzz feed is crap

  9. Defne K says

    He was so rude :l

  10. London lovebirds says

    then I discovered there was 52 weeks in a year

  11. Grace Fulton says

    One percent of what?

  12. DiminutiveFlower says


  13. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says

    This was beautiful. I hope Sara R. actually gets a degree I art #life acheivements

  14. done did it says

    I'm so inlove with Sara.😍😍😥

  15. Eduard Pekarovič says

    I think I'm addicted to buzzfeed

  16. Omar Tareen says

    Wow, That's cute and all +BuzzFeedYellow but how do I really make it to the 1%

  17. Butterfly Eyes says

    That is crazy. Really makes you think…..hmmm

  18. Jackson Catlett says

    Ned was so nice about a random guy just taking stuff off of his desk aw

  19. Panos Yangin says

    That video was throwing shade worldwide about income

  20. jagjit bhatia says

    +All What I love

    Hey quick question. For some reason I couldn't reply to your comment, but do you mind sharing what type of business(es) you own? I am planning on becoming an entrepreneur and I like to hear about people's successes…..thanks!

  21. abby.lives.vegan says

    i was not liking the video until that plot twist kind of ending, that made the whole video so damn good, this was a great message.

  22. Lucas Rodmo says

    The average income in Brazil is US$ 500 by month. The most part of the people have a income of US$ 200 by month. YEAH.

  23. Skabadoo says

    all you need is a small loan of a million dollars

  24. amin says

    We need more videos with this guy he is too funny

  25. 17retrochic says

    Haha Shipping $200…

  26. This is like a typical 12 year old in Team Fortress 2 scrapbanking for a burning Team Captain…

  27. Drew Bishop says

    so stop complaining BITCHES!

  28. WeActOnImpulse Official says

    This video is actually really awesome.

  29. Knight OfNights says

    What a depressing video…..

  30. misuniversal says

    what did sarah studied??

  31. MiriamGrace says


  32. Nathen Huang says

    Don't you actually need to make $9250 to compensate for the $250 in designer sunglasses that you bought?

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