Can A Woman Ask A Guy Out? (According To Men)

Can A Woman Ask A Guy Out? (According To Men)
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  1. Tina says

    I recently asked out my crush who is a guy. It felt weird since I was a girl asking out a guy. He said yes to going on a date so I have no regrets whatsoever especially after watching this video.

  2. Angelina Mendonca says

    So is it a turn on or a turn off?

  3. Sandra says

    Love it! Equality is this. I can have the power to ask for what I want, too. Thanks guys.

  4. Thayla May says

    I asked a guy out once over text. He seemed really interested so I guess it went well. Then we actually went out and I guess I liked him more than he liked me so it didn't go anywhere. I asked him out a couple times after that as well. Yeah I would say I'm growing accustomed to rejection now so cool 🙂💪

  5. Blue Blaze says

    Of course they'll say yes lol

  6. Katie B says

    I’m in my 30s and still can’t get up the nerve….I’m 95% sure he likes me, but still. I guess I’ll never grow up. 😆

  7. Zannati Rajib says

    Well guys its getting to point that feminism made guys the one being asked out how nice I hope I also dont have to pay change that for me feminism

  8. DДЯK CHДФS says

    People don't understand me why I don't have a girlfriend. Because I'm waiting on a random woman to ask me out, and the reason I stopped asking is because of being rejected and I'm a guy

  9. saskia hewitt-kay says

    This is so american – as a Brit our social differences just do not apply haha

  10. Ron m says

    I'm 39m never been asked out and never been out with a woman

  11. May04bwu says

    To be honest, some guys wouldn't realize a woman likes them even if they were hit by a stick

  12. JOSE ORNELAS says

    am I the only guy here that's afraid to ask someone out?

  13. William Esping says

    If woman asks me out I'd be super happy. Depends on the woman, but yeah I'd love to. I typically have to ask women out. Women ask men out more now, but unless you are super attractive that ain't likely happening to you. You have to put yourself on their map cause to them you would just be some random dude. I can tell if I didn't make a move nothing would have happened, but instead I get rejected so I'm still as sad and lonely as before.

  14. JGstunts22 says

    I like how the Asian guy thinks he's rico swave lol dude , no chicks like Asian dudes ….

  15. hkr006 says

    Woman likes guy – Waits for him to ask her out.

    Guy doesn't do it – Woman lets the guy fade out of her life.

    She thinks – "Well I gave it my best shot."


  16. hunter 20256 says

    If girl asked me out i fell my pride has been damage and it make's me feel like I am control by them

  17. Fumontaindew2012 says

    guy number one is gay….

  18. Slam_24 says

    I’m stuck in a situation where I’m so in love with this girl that I’m too scared of rejection, so I can’t ask her out.
    If she asked me out, it would be a lifesaver!
    Girls don’t be afraid, sometimes it can be a massive relief for men.

  19. Gimme11 Momo says

    Im not one woman to drop hints LOL ill ask a man out directly.

  20. DeanRendar84 says

    Amen Brothers. Being afraid of whose watching is a farce, I'm watching. So hows it gonna be?

  21. Konnie B says

    I've always asked a guy out and my parents are against it because they feel that I should be the one to be asked out and that a man should be the one to ask me out.

  22. Milli Mey says

    So in conclusion: Should I ask my crush out or not?

  23. dtrocilo says

    It's simple: if you ask a guy out and he is turned off because of traditional gender roles then he is probably not the guy for you anyway. What would a forward, progressive woman do with such a sexist fellow? So instead of framing it in terms of rejection, one can think that this is a quick way of figuring out if the guy is worth your time.

  24. H MM says

    Reminds me of that Solange song … there's this guy that im diggin …

  25. kelia hamilton says

    I feel like the guy I’m attracted to is confident enough to ask me if he wanted to.

  26. William R says

    Yes i believe Women should ask Men out on a date. It's not the 1500s or 1900s anymore. I don't think it should be our responsibility anymore to ask Women out. Nobody ever said or dictated that a Man has to ask a Woman out. Nobody ever said it.

  27. Victoria from TFTServer says

    I’ve always been told never to ask out a guy because “it’ll hurt his ego.” I wanted to formally ask my boyfriend out to prom, so I learned a song and made dinner and everything and my mom told me “don’t do that. You’ll hurt his ego. You’re in a steady relationship. You don’t need to ask him out to prom.” And I threw the dinner out and everything.

  28. I Stan Angel Dust says

    Yes. Have you people never watched dramas before??

  29. rm army says

    I told my crush I liked him. Biggest mistake of my life!!!

  30. esmeralda chacon suarez says

    So like should I ask him out or what?

  31. deangelo taylor says

    sure a girl can ask a guy out but if he is smart he wont respond or will say MGTOW

  32. Nathan Knipp says

    I've been asked out by Women, it actually makes it easier if you're trying to work up the nerve and she asks..

  33. WisdomSeeker says

    I am the type to gives clues, asking guys out would be breaking the dynamic I feel. I did it once and he probably thought he didn't have to initiate anything since it seems I can do it. I don't like initiating, I can't help it. I initiate after he does, when it feels natural.

  34. stacyblue1980 says

    Yea that big guy with the beard…can i have his number? He seems like a sweetie. Big and brainy. Puuurrrrr…

  35. Rylan Austin says

    I have know my crush for 4 years and him and me are close friends. I like him but idk if he likes me. Should we just stay friends or should I ask him out. Yes I would call myself a bit desperate, but he is so beautiful. Should I ask him or should we stay friends????

  36. says

    I was thinking about asking a guy out on valentines day, hopefully he will consider it

  37. ABCDE 12345 says


  38. The Guy You Can Ask says

    My advice.. it's about the approach. Try to avoid bluntly asking if you have just met, but send signs that will let him know you're interested (strong sexual eye contact, smile, maybe even ask a random question something) If he doesn't get the clue then this will be the type of guy you want to avoid anyway because he doesn't know enough about women yet. If you're in a relationship then it is perfectly fine.

  39. Fox chan says

    I’m a braaaave lady!

  40. Fox chan says

    I asked if my crush was my boyfriend HE SAID YES IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!

  41. spacefrog 712 says

    If you’re lucky enough for me to ask you out

    It means you took way too long

  42. Lance says

    Most guys who say that they would hate being asked out by a girl are insecere, and think it somehow imposes on their "manliness". Most those guys (I personally), wouldn't want to date anyway. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some shy guys who have low self esteem, and it is their literal fantasy to be asked out by a girl they find attractive. Honestly, if it's gone on a while, and you've already tried more direct flirting techniques (NOT FLIPPING YOUR HAIR OR SOMETHING, GUYS CAN'T TAKE HINTS), but things like touching, talking to him, or even being friends, and he has responded positivly, there is little harm in at least telling him you like him. Worst case scenario, he gets told by a girl that she likes him. Any sane person takes it as a compliment.

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