Can Questlove Guess Which Celebrities Made These Dishes?

Can Questlove Guess Which Celebrities Made These Dishes?
According to Questlove John Legend throws down in the kitchen, Gabrielle Union makes hard drinks, and Martha Stewart gets turnt. Watch as he tries to match …

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  1. the goblin says

    Hey, questloves in the house.

  2. Shana's Happy Kitchen says

    Enjoy man

  3. Rachel Hildebrand says

    Vegetarians eat eggs 😒

  4. Lizzy says

    Wait… vegetarians can eat eggs…

  5. olivegreeneyedbeauty says

    Uhhhhh, vegetarians eat eggs.

  6. Drop Dead Pretty Please says

    I love him. He's so wholesome.

  7. Athena UwU says

    Omfg finally another person that loves captain crunch

  8. melp maz says

    Hey, Questlove is in the house

  9. Jeremy Alexander says

    Dude's quest must have been to fall in love with unhealthy food and a lack of physical activity, although somewhere along the line he completed the plaid lover's side quest. Bruh, your new year's resolution needs to be to drop that weeble wabble look. You know what the fuck I mean.

  10. Néfertari Fadoul says

    "Paperiika" 😂🤪

  11. DOLIVON says


  12. emy says

    questlove you're not in the house

  13. Arelis Margarito says


  14. Cheeser Craft says

    I recently learned that romaine lettuce is not safe to eat.

  15. Biceps Cooking says

    I knew it!! Whaaaaaaat?🤣

  16. Lieu Bequin says

    1 view?

  17. FORREST NO says

    No views?

  18. Jaylen Haigler says


  19. herroalex says

    Questlove's not here

  20. Alaskan Pipeline says

    The last mac and cheese looked pretty gross.

  21. Oto Bakashvili says

    0:010:12 what's the song called?

  22. Jai Norman says

    Looks good

  23. Al Luppy says

    Can you do "Which celebrity makes the best…."

  24. origamer master origami says

    no views till now

  25. john appleseed says

    566 Likes, 25 Dislikes, and NO VIEWS!!!!!???? YOUTUBE IS TRASH

  26. Thuan Tran says

    Man I don’t need to pay for the white guy to eat and talk, I can just watch the black guy eat and talk and you know us AsIaNs LOVE the free

  27. Joy Smith says


  28. Ericka Mitchell says

    Yea why does it say no views. Love u questlove

  29. Lasang Pinoy Lutong Italiano says

    1 like = 1 sub


    I love QuestLove

  31. Alice Wonderland says

    I knew that Mac and cheese was Ms Pattis 😍

  32. Bon-App says

    J'aime beaucoup vous vidéos

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