Can These Chefs Turn A Kid's Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn A Kid's Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty
Tasty chef Merle takes on guest chef Keturah King to turn Makayla’s dragon doodle into real-world food. Which dish do you think has the fire? Shop the NEW …

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  1. Dr. Aditi Paul says

    Keturah completely overshadowed the otherwise funfilled merle in this video.

  2. Genesis_Revelation Faith Cesar says

    Keturah's accent is killin' me~

  3. Allyson Ramen says

    Ketura sounds like one queen from six…

  4. Shasa Miya says

    Rie is quaking rn-

  5. V1ralB1ack says

    Merle had me at it's vegan

  6. AreYouKiddingMe -.- says

    Keturah is just like the person who I would be friend with 😍

  7. clarise celery says

    Keturah looks so glamorous and her accent makes it even more gorgeous idk icANT THINK OF A PROPER ADJECTIVE its glamorous djskjsd

  8. stan 1the9 says

    theyre both rly nice and fun !!

  9. Eletha Blake says

    Merle came across as passive aggressive and meh…I really enjoyed Keturah's personality.

  10. Slime stuff says

    Do you also think 10:33


  11. aola wili says

    can they do this, but like a teen version?

  12. Siera H says

    Keturah King is giving my hardcore 'Tahani from The Good Place' vibes.

  13. karpagalaxmy siva says

    can they like cook for a older kid in their teens it would be so cool

  14. Dinda Rafik says

    Keturah's dish is very grown up

  15. Ayesha Arif says

    Keturah is so sweet!! I Love her attitude and her personality! GIVE US MORE KETURAH TASTY !!!

  16. Dah says

    -Kid says flames are sweet
    -Kid prefers the salty flames over the sweet ones


  17. Saif Saad says

    Spaghetti one should not have been the winner

  18. Stef D. says

    The white girl seemed butthurt when they finished making the dishes 😭

  19. Javeen Kurnauth says

    next episode of i draw you cook should be merle competing with aria <3

  20. Girafarig's Butt says

    why didn't they make boba?!??

  21. gecko mom says

    Merle was a hella shady about that fish. Not everyone is vegan. The kid wanted fish so fish it is😂

  22. Mia Wahba says

    To the people talking trash about about keturah's dish, she served mikayla things she said she loved, plus I would eat that dish anyway and I'm her age

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