Can These Chefs Turn A Leprechaun Drawing Into A Real Dish? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn A Leprechaun Drawing Into A Real Dish? • Tasty
Tasty chef Katie faces off against guest chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins (Top Chef) to turn Gianna’s leprechaun doodles into real-world dishes. Who do you think …

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  1. maychanx31 says

    I'm sorry, but was I the only one bothered when Claudette said she's never had or made a no bake cheesecake before? Like… What? I'm not judging, but someone get this woman a no bake cheesecake stat! XD

  2. Barira Sheheryar says

    Those kids have more imagination than me
    Its such a shame

  3. Rhiane Buenaventura says

    That kid got sass

  4. Beats By Jo says

    katie’s was by far better loll

  5. Harold Nogales says

    It feels so weird cuz she kinda looks like a young version of Cardi B..🤔

  6. Kavya Dhodapkar says

    The girl: I guess it's a shortbread lemon cookie

    Claudette : No…. No lemon

  7. Etan Melo says

    She is gonna be a gold digger

  8. Kavya Dhodapkar says

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Tasty: And now… Frying and Grinding with Katie & Claudette

  9. Mika O'Neill says

    that kid's flinging her knife around without a care in the world

  10. Hi HOi pEoPle says

    I want more Alvin

  11. Tater TOT says

    Are you sure these are chefs? Cause nothing about that was impressive.

  12. Savage Sloth says

    Katey jinxed it😂

  13. Renuka Darvekar says

    Waittttt.. d winner was really unexpected!! 😅😅

  14. Clorox Bleach says

    Those clovers now…

  15. nel x says

    she got THEM sass

  16. Ben Plummer says

    "hey, little girl, pretend you are Bacardi Bitch, i mean Cardi B, but sometimes forget and act normal, and draw stupid shit you would never think of for real, and we are gonna make this stupid, fake as hell show. YEET!"

  17. Aqilah Rahmann says

    Dem gold!😂😂😂👌

  18. Emma 456 says

    she reminds me of lea michelle, but mostly rachel berry lol

  19. Sierra Olayinka says

    Can I be in the show please

  20. seraphina bacon says

    im age ten :p and my fave meal is dessert XDDD

  21. Lilly rose Leon says

    Do you get time

  22. MildeAmasoj says

    Seemed like she liked Katie’s dish more. Maybe she chose Claudette’s because it looked more like her drawing?

  23. Fia says


  24. trisha says

    this girl is prettier than me wtf.

  25. MochaDestiny says

    I feel like she’s gonna be the next lil tay

  26. Heedy says

    what you on about Katie girl??? Yours looks amazing!!!

  27. Mellisa Anderson says

    Oh my gosh all of your I draw you cook videos are so nice I love all the things the the chefs cook
    They look so GOOOOOOOD 🤤☺️❤️ and they must taste the BEST!

  28. Shadow kun says

    quote of the video: them gold

  29. Kathleen Paniagua says

    I think I drew better at that age

  30. Thomas Le says

    katie salty af

  31. Kamila says

    Okay can you all please stop saying "oh i think katie shoulve won" its driving me on my nerves you havent even tried the dish the girl made her decision and thats that deal with it.

  32. Anne Coutts says

    Did anyone see Claudette's tattoo? It says "In Omnia Paratus". Like if you get the reference.

  33. FUN is RANDOM says

    I wonder how they choose the child

  34. JulieXxxx X says

    They should do what whould Santa eat you guys should do these every holiday or special day . Doing what will a leprechaun eat in December 🤣

  35. Cal says

    Kids love quesadillas

    Me, never having had a quesadilla

  36. pink dubu says

    “Not really digging that” idk why this made me laugh

  37. Peppurrmint says

    Petition to make Frying and Grinding with Katie and Claudette an actual tasty series

  38. myah dunn says

    salt and peppa tasty 2019

  39. Eva Posey says

    I am 11 I am d love your show so much I showed my step mom this And she gave me a theme and we did the same thing it was so fun love y’all

  40. Rosie Fergal Tenter Ryan says

    anyone here from Ireland ? No … ok . Ps : this is not a hate comment but plz with no disrespect PLZ … DO NOT …. USE THE WORD LEPRECHAUN …AND IRISH In the same video . Leprechauns have nothing got to do with Ireland and it’s a very big INSULT !!!! And that’s not a good idea 😂 luv ya though

  41. Cylorex says

    what would a ghost eat?

  42. AJ Illustrates says

    Aww I wish I could be in one of these! I love sweets and drawings. 😍😍😍

  43. Jenerish Wright says

    Chef :hope she's smart enough

  44. Anon Prathnadi says

    The girl looks like cardi b

  45. Beth Katic says

    Honey chicken could be clouds of gold just saying.

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