Can These Chefs Turn This Elf Drawing Into Real Meals? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn This Elf Drawing Into Real Meals? • Tasty
Tasty chef Alvin challenges guest chef Ellen Bennett to turn Merilee’s elf drawing into delicious real-world dishes. Whose present do you think she’ll prefer?

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  1. Yuuna says

    likes lasagna


  2. Molissa Thomas says

    Wow that girl is obnoxious please don't bring her back 😩😩

  3. Gretel Gelito says

    Is it just me or the kid's laugh at 0:07 was creepy af.

  4. Gretel Gelito says

    I miss Alix and Rie in one videooo🥺

  5. Maahnoor Rashid says

    Whatever they're gonna make and whatever they've made is on the kitchen wall ^^ just saying

  6. lol dude says

    She is so clingy with alvin

  7. Forever Bts7 says

    Please don't ever stop making this series. It's my absolute favorite!

  8. Marul Žaknić says

    Good that it's not a frozen meatball commercial

  9. Insanity says

    The elf laughs intimitatse me…

  10. little princes diaries says

    The kid kinda looks like grace wanderwall

  11. Adri Sakura says

    Who else is waiting till Alvin wins?

  12. Noah Madrigal says

    Guys, she's literally happily married. Not everything is flirting, and this is a cooking show, not some romance one. Stop being annoyingly problematic.

  13. Anant Shanker says

    I always get hungry when I watch this show

  14. Jadesola Obasa says

    Amount of people that want Alvin in more you draw we cook ——————>

  15. kookie 1997 says

    at 4:20 i thought she said i have a crush on him

  16. Noah Madrigal says

    I love Alvinn

  17. Jessica Esui says

    Alvin should make a giant dish for a kid. He would win.

  18. Min-Jee Salimo says

    You can tell that Alvin REALLY loves laughing. 🤣

  19. kylleneee spider webb says

    only one that really doesn’t like Ellen??

  20. Patricia Chua says

    Ok so Ellen and Alvin > Inga and their chemistry

  21. terryanne nkatha says

    Alvin don't be discouraged trust me your good at what you do

  22. Iris and pheonix says

    Where is Alex in this season

  23. Tanushree Thappa says

    I'd prefer Alvin's dish

  24. Felicia Celine says

    Good job Alvin 👌🏻

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