Can This Chef Follow A Pupusas Recipe In A Different Language? • Tasty

Can This Chef Follow A Pupusas Recipe In A Different Language? • Tasty
Rie’s back in the kitchen with another food challenge! This time she’s cooking up some tasty pupusas, but can she do it while following the recipe in a different …

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  1. Hugo :v says

    You eat pupusas with you hands


  2. D 3 says

    same with the SPANGLISH💀😂like that one meme says "when you're bilingual but you start losing vocabulary in both languages. BYElingual"

  3. Geena Esther says

    I liked how this was more like a Spanish lesson that curly making it too confusing

  4. D 3 says

    uno☝️dos✌️tres🤟 siete…cinco!!!

  5. D 3 says

    Lmao at the beginning, I bet she was thinking he was saying a full paragraph cause of how fast he was talking when really he just said "you have to check if it's cooking cause you don't want to get sick" 💀😂

  6. Ivysaur237 says

    My favorite food I eat it every week

  7. idk studios says

    curly said dont cut yourself but rie is best and can do anything tho

  8. messy shh says

    Dora we need u

  9. Justinaerys says

    Rie: younger? 14?

    I don't know why I find this funny.

  10. オリバールヅヤヌス says

    I thought Rie would be the one to speak a different language because I wanna listen to her speak Japanese badly :((

  11. Gabriela Rivera says

    Omg I really felt that cuándo Curly said his English is not good pero neither is his Spanish y that his Spanglish is on point. I always forget some English words and se me hace difícil to explain things to people some times!!

  12. Jessica Cat says

    Im just sad they forgot the sauce

  13. Rosario R. says

    So easy to make, I want yo try it

  14. Stprincess says

    Curly is so sweet!

  15. nicole alejandra says

    now i’m craving pupusas 😭😭

  16. Peachu says

    I want Rie to be my mother

  17. pooka oi says

    They should make it so that he can't see what she's doing to make it harder

  18. Jairo Blanco says

    Que voz tan mas enfafosa..

  19. Amber Wang says

    1 2 3 7 5

  20. Spencer O'Dowd says

    Ima have to come out there at some point and teach you a family recipe in Irish 😛

  21. McGladiator says

    1:25 shes a little confused but shes got spirit

  22. vanessa paredes says

    When you don’t need the subtitles but still read them like what

  23. Margarita Alvarado says

    Wheres the sauce

  24. luckiiD says

    Whoever came up with this concept is literally a genius 👏🏾👏🏾

  25. Mrs J says

    I love these video's

  26. Elva Lopez says

    I know how to speak spanish fluently and fluent english

  27. Misael Munoz says

    This was sooooo cute

  28. Katie-did says

    I think the fact that curly speaks more spanglish than traditional Spanish probably make this one a bit easier for Rie than the one with Gadiel.

  29. Katie-did says

    6:00 yes curly cebolla is a feminine word

  30. the magical potato says

    Curly: gives a whole speech in Spanish
    Rie: giggles

  31. Sharini Parab says

    Indian logo Ko parathe ki yad aa gaye

  32. Jed sss says

    Filipinos watching this be like…. AlaM KO 'To ahhh

  33. Shelby Ditter says


  34. Tres Cifras says

    rie didn't choose to be latina, no mas tuvo suerte

  35. Bex says

    OMG I love Curly!!! And Rie of course!!!

  36. Roopkatha B. says

    It's quite similar to an Indian stuffed paratha

  37. BitchPlease YouStank says

    My family doesn’t call it curtido lolol

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