Can This Chef Make Canned Tuna Fancy? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make Canned Tuna Fancy? • Tasty
Rie is challenged to upgrade canned tuna into something fancy! Check out our new MAKE IT FANCY MERCH! Shop the NEW …

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  1. Arti Qwerty says

    Alcohol: is hard to pour
    Rie: pours too much
    Rie: …it doesn’t hurt

  2. hahsea13 says

    8:53 i love it when rie says pepper

  3. ladylouisa says

    She makes me want to eat food i wouldn't normally eat! Great work Rie

  4. loyal -kun says

    can you make cheeze fancy :3

    “make it fancy”

  5. Sristy Mohanty says

    Maggi masala-make that fancy

  6. Maryam Rasiya says

    Rie: I'm going to fry rice ball
    Niki: Hey, don't fry my cat

  7. Oznovel says

    Make it fancy

  8. Louise Ashley Cantos says

    Rie should make her own restaurant

  9. Jessica Oakes says

    She had no reason to be scared of the cat, it was only bored and wanted to play.

  10. Bette Lou Dawson says

    Her accent is precious

  11. Eqra Khan says


  12. Alexandra Mikka says

    I want a cooking class with Rie. It would be SO amazing.

  13. Atharv Prajapati says

    Rie is so cute❤️

  14. Jeffery Tye-Alonso says

    Make hot dogs fancy

  15. Melissa Finau says

    reading thru the comments while an ad plays before the vid, find out she FINALLY USES ALCOHOL NOICEEEE SHE BACKK

  16. Benjamin Santos says

    Imagine if Rie ran into Chris Morocco while shopping for ingredients

  17. ZomgItsBrittee says

    What about one of those nasty ass canned turkeys or chickens? or some chef boyardee raviolis

  18. Joe Haddad says

    Love you rie im a huge fan of japanese people and culture

  19. Aiman Rais says

    Please Rie, try to make Spaghetti fancy!

  20. Ella Gumbley says

    Looks hella fancy !!

  21. uwu uwu says


  22. lolimsmartxd says



  23. Y.F. Chan says

    she sounds like Tricia Takanawa or (japanese) Lois Griffin in a way? :p

  24. shaheer Sami says

    No one:

    Literally no one:


  25. shaheer Sami says

    No one :

    Literally no one:

    Rie: MAKE IT FANCY 🐦

  26. Cristopher Dela Cruz says

    Frozen nuggets

  27. Timothy H says

    I have not ventured into many seafoods but tuna is one of the few ive tried that i liked im kinda surprised about the fishy comments

  28. Tim Clarke says

    Tinned Tuna in a bowl of mi goreng noodles.

  29. Alan cross says

    i would love to see canned corn made fancy.

  30. Katie Coleen says

    canned cranberry

  31. Alyssa Fortson says

    Make canned spagetti sauce and noodles fancy

  32. Subash Babu says

    try to make barley fancy. I'd like to see Rie try

  33. Malia Thomas says

    Canned soup or cream of chicken

  34. kuuhaku 「」 says

    Finally semi-japanese theme dish on this series

  35. Alyssa A says

    rie's making up for the alcohol she didn't use last time-

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