Can This Chef Make Chocolate Pudding Fancy? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make Chocolate Pudding Fancy? • Tasty
Rie must make chocolate pudding into something fancy! Distribution Notes: Check out our new MAKE IT FANCY MERCH! Shop …

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  1. Layla Maciejka says

    Rie: finishes stacking crepes
    Me: Fancy! Chocolate orange zest Crepe cake!
    Rie: onto the next step


  2. Zydeukie says

    Omg try the brand ‘Danette’
    That shit’s good.

  3. Hunter Henryk says

    This still counts as using chocolate pudding?

  4. Ezilrahc Nayatal says

    Oozing cream…..I’m so sorry

  5. Zionne Makoma says

    Tbh, I'd be a little put off by her accent, as it makes it harder to understand what she's saying.

    But luckily, I'm not, as I interact frequently with an indonesian woman, who has a similar accent to Rie.

  6. Adarsh Mohan says

    She said broiler lol

  7. Jasmin * says

    "I think I'm in love with you" yeah I felt that ✋🏻😔

  8. Alvin Kong says

    Man she must have some serious beef with this ex boyfriend of hers

  9. Zionne Makoma says

    This feels so odd seeing Rie in a whole ep.

    I sort of saw her as the next tier cook who was only there if the others needed help.

  10. Zionne Makoma says

    Short answer: Yes

    Long answer: Yyyeeesss

  11. babydianaF says

    My stomach started growling from watching this video and now I'm in the kitchen making panncakes😶

  12. Aman Ghuman says

    pizza, make it fancy

  13. Hari Ari says

    would i do this without the alcohol :O

  14. Cherie Ari says

    yo, ryan is always taking such big bites XDD

  15. Itsluna says

    literally no one:
    Rie: saying hello to her reflection on her shiny glossy crake

  16. MinshikoMifere says

    I want rie to dance to fancy

  17. Zainab2009 Zainab2009 says

    i love chocolate pudding😗❤❤❤

  18. Pascual Castaneda says

    Make fritos fancy

  19. Jesse Rodriguez says

    make hot cheetos fancy

  20. Helena Blachut says

    Make donuts fancy

  21. Vaidehi Ramani says

    Did Rie get her hair trimmed

  22. RandomAssChannel says

    8:26 You know that edge is the best part!

  23. Kira Visser says

    Omg that merch though.. it's kinda EVERYTHING 😂

  24. Manahil Shaikh says

    I don’t think this was as fancy as to Rie’s level cuz she basically made another food out of something common

  25. qufeng49 says

    Like how the cameraman rebuttal the producer by saying:" did you watch Michael Bay's movie when you were in film school?"😂

  26. Caleb Andrews says

    Does Rie pass in terms of using all the pudding since she scraped the trimmings?? It’s still amazing either way, but I was expecting her to crumble them and put them on top so she’d use all of it

  27. Farisyah 99 says

    Rie watch Food Wars

  28. I want all those extra bits she cut off the cake near the end

  29. Lana Ajdad says

    i said it once and I'll say it again i love Ryan

  30. Annabell Hamburg says

    Pickled tomatoes!

  31. Dana Barbecho says

    Rie: I'm giving this crepe cake a hair cut
    A bowl cut

  32. charmzedge says

    What's putting?

  33. Amiel Laxamana says

    Rie you make mini donuts fancy

  34. Sudesh Murkar says

    Go gourt

  35. Nene says

    Lol Ryan dance in the end

  36. Kinjal Amdavadi says

    Rie got a hair cut…

  37. Victoria Atilano says

    yooooo she should do premade christmas cookie dough

  38. Phoebe Ng says

    it's not a cooking video if there is no Rie

  39. vieon lee says

    "i think im in love with you"
    who isn't in love with rie?

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