Can This Fashion Stylist Guess Real Vs. Fake Designer Bags?

Can This Fashion Stylist Guess Real Vs. Fake Designer Bags?
This fashion stylist is being put to the test! Can she tell the difference between the real vs. fake designer bags? Subscribe to As/Is: About …

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  1. A. D. Gardenhire says


  2. vmurt says

    Kate Spade bags normally look cheap _ that’s probably why she thought it was fake.

  3. agitotsky says

    Asians that are into designer bags would rather buy non branded stuff than buy fakes. I knew the two Asian girls’ bags are real.

  4. Suzanne Forte says

    She's the purse whisper💟 get it. Great job.👍🏼

  5. Maha Hawk says

    That Gucci bag looked so tacky

  6. Boston Book Bitty says

    I have to say that "No-e" bag is still pretty freaking cute. I'd buy that!

  7. your local goon says

    Gucci backpack girl looks sad through our the video after they told her it’s a fake 😂

  8. nygirle1 says

    lol the first three she was unsure about and got it right. the last one she was 100% sure about and got it wrong.

  9. lily quesadilla says

    I don’t like that she didn’t get to touch it :/

  10. Do an outlet vs boutique!!!

  11. TOWANDA the STYLIST says

    Love this! ❤️

  12. tedlovejesus says

    I dunno, the Kate Spade does give an authentic vibe though

  13. Xari Jesayia says

    hiiiiii 💜

  14. Manders says

    The whole fake stamp on the real bag thing is very confusing. Maybe you should make it more clear that it's the experts guess rather than what it actually is.

  15. Ayesha Nasir says

    Wow she was gud with her observations! 👏👏👏

  16. e r i k a says

    They should have had her do a second round where she gets to touch it then guess again and then tell her the answers.

  17. discod says

    How would an actual stylist not recognize the Chloe bag? It was everywhere a few years ago.

  18. Cole Crystal says

    Kate Spade is trash lol

  19. Emily Lammers says

    Marking the bags as what she said instead of what it actually was, was very confusing in the end

  20. Stangoz Vlogs says

    Mary Christmas to you all

  21. Jenn Gio says

    Holy crap, my mother in law is the SAME way as that girl's mom. She literally had 2 of the same bag because she forgot she bought the first one. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. Latoya K. says

    Essence…hair, lip color, skin. Need I say more? ❤

  23. kakuella says

    That chole is screaming fake! Surprise the stylist didn't know much about that bag. It's one of their best seller

  24. Ruth Watson says

    ‘Fake’ isn’t accurate. It’s a non designer bag vs a designer bag.

  25. I might not be able to guess which one is fake or real, but I can guarantee that both of them are most likely made in China

  26. Laser Cat Eyeballs says

    Why buy the real thing when no one knows 😂

  27. starkidgranger3eva says

    This format was confusing… it was unclear that the stamps on each bag were just indicating the stylist’s guesses rather than telling us whether the bag was real or fake. I was so confused when the girl at the end said the Kate spade was real I thought she was just messing with her 😂

  28. random girl says


  29. Gavin Colgan says

    I guess all of them right 🤪

  30. Brandon Chancey says

    The Kate Spade bag could be from a outlet store. Outlet store merchandise is oftenly made of not as high quality materials as the regular store merchandise.

  31. Izzy fizzy says

    21st ly💕💞

  32. Jordan says

    Ok but she couldn’t even feel the bags how could she accurately tell if it was fake or not?

  33. Jean From BeautyShopPH says

    I mean that friend wouldnt get her a real Gucci bag? Atleast I dont have THAT generous of a friend hahaha.

  34. KatChronicles says

    So the editor said the last girl’s bag was fake as well but in the video she says its real…

  35. luvly_roxxc says

    ummm so the kate spade is real????

  36. Elias Ahmed says

    I really love this challenges

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