Can This Kid Follow A Cookie Recipe With Only Verbal Instructions? • Tasty

Can This Kid Follow A Cookie Recipe With Only Verbal Instructions? • Tasty
New Tasty Talent, Ellen Bennett, must help a 9-year-old make cookies, but there’s a little twist! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. puce shui says

    i like you MARIANA…

  2. Shofin says

    i love thissss!!!!😍

  3. brooklyn chick says

    The cutest show I ever seen

  4. Meloddy Gomez says

    If i was there id be burning the kitchen and running out of there

  5. Jack Waller says

    Recipe please

  6. Charlize Ghanem says

    Ellen: Best student ever!
    Marina: Am i your only student?
    Ellen: yes

  7. Nigel Fontanilla says


  8. Barnika Roynath says

    Marina just cracked the egg without getting a single egg shells.
    She really is a talented and cute chef😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊

  9. Clarissa Gafoor says

    She's so good. My granddaughters would have been sneaking bits of the cookie dough to eat raw🍪😂

  10. pie pie says

    I like this series so much!!!!

  11. omri arielly says

    Next video, Gordon Ramsey couch a 9 year old making a beef Wellington

  12. Miguel Lacap says

    RiE iS ShaKinG

  13. N Alsoubaei says

    In the thumbnail she looks like natalie noel

  14. Sara Amar says

    why the hell there are dislikes on such a video? its sooo cute and not offensive , i just dont understand people -_-

  15. Isabella Cross says

    Does she look like Natalie , David’s assistant or is it just me??

  16. anna says

    marina is sooo cute! such a sweetheart, loved seeing her on i draw you cook and in this video! 🙂

  17. SpecialKLSX says

    While this is adorable AF, it's a shame the kid didn't have to measure and sift the ingredients. The mess involved would have added to it.

  18. Dewantoroo says


  19. Emily J says

    Aww she’s so adorable

  20. sTrOnG tHoUgHtS says

    Cuteness overload 😘😘😘

  21. romeone turner says

    It says at the start the kid is 19

  22. Wong Wei Jian says

    Me: eating all cookie batter and add-ons while baking
    Someone else: hey stop doing that
    Me: it's "quality inspection"

  23. Snowie Foxie says

    Dude my little brother is 9 and he doesn’t even know how to use a microwave

  24. Lena Law says

    You legit stole idea this from Bon Appétit. 🙄

  25. Tommaso Dizon says

    Don’t you dare come for Carla like that! 🥵

  26. Hannah Beatrice Francisco says

    I love this episode so much! Marina's the cutest little girl I've ever seen 🙉💖

  27. Mister Grandpa's Bakery says

    I was this age when I learned to bake banana nut bread. I was 5 when I learned how to bake biscuits and 13 when I learned to bake cookies. I'm loving this! 😃

  28. Nikko Rhel Diez says


  29. Andrea López says

    I love them so much :') this video is so heartwarming

  30. Allison Mancia says

    Marina is so adorable!💖

  31. Robin Siskin says

    Cute with a capital “C”!

  32. Christiane Cerochi says

    Marinaaaaaa I loved it❤️❤️❤️❤️you looks adorable and sweet exactly how you are…. love you 😍

  33. Pacific Macta says

    She looks like Natalie from the VlogSqaud on the thumbnail

  34. Bryony Diaz Rodriguez says

    Stupid kid….

  35. Manel Hera says

    We usually see a lot of kids on Tasty, but this one was absolutely the cutest. She is just intelligent, polite and very genuine.

  36. Anagha Iyer says

    She was the girl that was on I draw you cook Witch edition!!

  37. Sandra Sealy says

    Awesome 👏

  38. Your awesome says

    How does she burn icing? I am so lost lmao

  39. Karla D says

    That’s so cute! I’ll try to do that with my nieces 😂

  40. Breeze says

    That kid is adorable


  41. Cherry Blossom says

    I'm so soft the kid is soo cute 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  42. MrMoran22 says

    Ellen reminds me of Grace Helbig if she was a chef.

  43. Heloísa Alexandre says

    omg we need more videos like this one!! so cute <3

  44. Alex says

    Ngl that kinda looks nasty
    I prefer to have oreos, chocolate chips and marshmallows in it instead, you cant call it a cookie if it doesnt give you diabetes

  45. Peach Tucker says

    Super cute!!! My daughter is turning 9 this month & I've been trying to teach her a few things in the kitchen as well ❤ love this

  46. Bookhouse girl says

    Marina really does seem to have a natural talent for this, I hope it can be nurtured further 😍. Amazing teamwork both of you!

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