Can We Make More Hallacas Than A Professional Chef? Ft. Kali Uchis • Tasty

Can We Make More Hallacas Than A Professional Chef? Ft. Kali Uchis • Tasty
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  1. MakeupByYaya says

    Kali is just a beautiful human being ❤️❤️

  2. Tshiamo says

    Kali is so funny omg

  3. Renee Cruz says

    Damn I had know idea kali uchis was such a diva. I thought she'd be a nicer person, but she seems to be caught up in her image that she's forgetting to real.

  4. video edits says


  5. Alex Arkadios says

    Kali be like

  6. LeAny says


  7. MaryJane says

    “dont put olives or im gonna sue you” MEE

  8. josh says

    I see kali in the title and I click simple as that

  9. Ivy Guerra says

    I never thought I would see Kali on Tasty😂😂

  10. sierra sacoo says

    Love Kali!!!

  11. fabulous goat says

    Why cooking with glasses ?

  12. Lala Valenzuela says


    Kali: opens her mouth bouta say a word

    Me: omg I Fucken love this!!🥺🥺

  13. kweenedith says

    KALI NEEDS MORE RECOGNITION!!! She seems like such an amazing and chill person😭😭😭and she’s an amazing singer.

  14. Luis. 803 says

    I loveeee kali uchis ❤️

  15. Francesca Miroddi says

    As a Venezuelan I'm so excited to see our food represented

  16. mac miller 6451 says

    Its kali babayyyyy

  17. akuma13 says

    Isn't that the same lady who taught us another Mexican dessert before and she went rambling about Mexican history and kept repeating how she's proud of her culture etc instead if the recipe itself? IDK but Ohh boy…… Here we go again. Atleast we have a proper chef this time!

  18. Zoe M says

    Me a Puerto Rican: Que son Hallacas?
    As I see them make it: ahhh Pasteles

  19. Kayla Morrison says


  20. okay rico says


  21. ForestofTooMuchFood says

    The one in sunglasses looks like a prostitute.

  22. Dave Cote says

    Let's be real, he won with just the two hallacas. All of the ladies' had holes and were falling apart. That's the most important part of making hallacas, because they need to be BOILED. You can't call them hallacas if they dissolve into nothing.

    This could have actually been a funny and legit competition with barely any more time and effort, but it's just sloppy.

  23. maiah rosemin says

    This reminds me of pastelle from Trinidad

  24. Adrian says

    I really wanna know if that was /actually/ kali singing at 4 minutes

  25. Muhanad Khleifat says

    I started a YouTube channel could anybody please watch my latest video and tell what I could improve on

    Thank you, Muhanad

  26. Radine says

    Kali always wins 😍😍✨✨✨

  27. Kimberly Juarez says

    She making the rounds for that upcoming album drop 🤞🏽

  28. Paolo Lumontod says

    Kali Uchis is here to surprise us… so why the damn dislikes?

  29. BriaGabe Vlogs says

    I just love Maya so much 🥰🥰🥰

  30. Amber J. says

    This was low-key really funny 😂

  31. ESTILO says

    The anxiety this caused

  32. Robraf12 says

    Kali: „I dont know how much Maya actually helped me, so i just think its really funny that she is trying to celebrate with me.“

    Gurl knows whats she is doing im telling ya

  33. Robraf12 says

    Kali: „We have 2000 & 4“

    Judge: „So how many do you guys have?“

    Maya: 4

    Kali: 4000


  34. Matthew Morrison says

    She looks like Moriah Mills lmao.

  35. sammyyy says

    But can we discuss 3:52 (!!) I worship her omg

  36. chelsea says

    ugh Kali is my queen

  37. Anitaa Chann says

    NO WAY

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