Can You Label Your Body Parts? • Ladylike

Can You Label Your Body Parts? • Ladylike
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  1. Milan PopappleMC says

    Was that a glee reference at the end? "Can you get a food baby from a hot tub?"

  2. Maria Wescott says

    I'm in 4th grade and I just did human growth and development a week ago and I know where everything goes. ( well most of the things, I mostly learned about privates)

  3. janice jtj says

    The liver looks like a lung

  4. suweyda x says

    2:50 ouu jenn

  5. Future Heart [AKA Kat] says


  6. Taylor Racut says

    Saf mentioned Grey’s Anatomy and what did I do? Flipped out cuz I was literally watching this and just thinking about Grey’s Anatomy and where everything would go😂😂😂 there’s a real connection😂

  7. Grace Martinez says

    "All I know is Greys Anatomy" PREACH!!!!!

  8. Nobu Mzizi says

    OMG I LOVE Greys Anatomy

  9. Lili Gabor says

    both Jen and Saf have 3 letters in their name, but both Kristin and Chantel have 7. wow. is it a coincidence or nah?

  10. Mara says

    You don't need internal organs to be a lady

  11. Caroline Hey says

    I met Kristin today on board walk at disney

  12. Mingaile says

    "It's weird how many body parts look like an elephant" -Jen 2017 😂😂

  13. Joshua Orion says

    miniature intestine

  14. Samantha Mooney says

    You can get a good baby from making out with a burger

  15. Girl Talk says

    I'm 13 and I know everything

  16. TheWendigo says


  17. Happy Pancake says

    1:40 Grey's Anatomy reference

  18. Anaclara Pérez says

    I am super duper in love with Saf's dress!!!

  19. saraa16 says

    We learned this a week ago at school so when we go to Middle School we will know 😂(the Reproductive Parts thingy)

  20. jfrase333 says

    That is definitely a picture of a lung not a liver?!

  21. SuJu_Mimi says

    "the miniature intestines" XD

  22. Ceeelk says

    I was in medschool for 2 years (before failing miserably) and am now still in a field where I study anatomy but I wouldn't have done a better job than them lol I feel ashamed

  23. Willow Willow says

    Was anyone else waiting for the pancreas as a diabetic?

  24. PSShadow Girl says

    I'm binge watching the ladylike playlist

  25. Camila’s Sangria says

    Saf watches Grey's Anatomy 😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Ashleigh Hobson says

    Grade 12 bio taught me well

  27. martha atakora says

    we r just learning this in school

  28. Jasmine Harper says

    i love greys anatomy!!!

  29. Beth Brase says

    Saf: All I know is greys anatomy

    Literally me

  30. Lucas The Unicorn says

    Saf, Jen and Hannah (wine mom) are my 3 favourite buzzfeed people.

  31. Lydia Ritchie says

    "All I know is Grey's Anatomy" ME TOO

  32. Mina Kostic says

    subscribe to amber scholl she is best

  33. Liam Twomey says

    Amber D'Alessio got a food baby from making out with a hot dog.

  34. Massokiss Sub says

    Haven't watched yet but no, I cannot do this.

  35. emmybh15 says

    Omg this is a perfect video Kristen and Jen. Perfect

  36. Sue D Nim says

    Okay, I can't find all my parts either … but how do you reach adulthood and not know how to PRONOUNCE "vagina"? Isn't that way beyond sheltered?

  37. MeShae Teage says

    this is me laughing! I know so much about my body due to my arthritis and chrones. I would have nailed that

  38. taehyung hype woman says

    put jen in a room with anyone and commenters will be shipping her with them

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