Canadian Chocolate Bars (Nanaimo Bars) Four Ways

Canadian Chocolate Bars (Nanaimo Bars) Four Ways
Here is what you’ll need! MOCHA NANAIMO BARS Serves 9 bars INGREDIENTS CRUST ½ cup butter ¼ cup sugar 5 tablespoons cocoa powder (you can add …

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  1. JerzeyPrince23 says

    OOOOOOOH Canada 🇨🇦

  2. Quilla Decker says

    they're calling them "Canadian chocolate bars" but they're literally just like a brownie type thing. Y'all need to stop trying to be so fancy

  3. Brandon says

    i see diabetes and i live in Canada.

  4. Donna K says

    Simply has entered the chat

  5. Juliasofea says

    Why is this comment section full of triggered Canadians

  6. A Random person says

    I made this a couple weeks ago and i love it! It tasted so good!!!

  7. black sparrow says

    The music is kinda sexy lol 🙈

  8. Erika says


  9. WindowsEffects 2020 HD says


  10. Gaming Noob says

    I’m Canadian and I haven’t even tried these..what am I doing with my life😂

  11. CuRsEd KiTtY says

    Ooh I’m canadian

  12. The Cinema Cynic says

    I love that a recipe from a small little hometown like Nanaimo, is getting so much love and attention on the internet.

  13. kalex888 says

    Cultural appropriation of canadian food. You people think that because you put coffee in the basic version you think you've made it better. You have not. The other versions are just bs btw, they're just called Nanaimo bars.

  14. Theryrover360 says

    Canadian chocolate bars are coffee crisp and aero. Nanaimo bars are not chocolate bars. we do not call our chocolate something else. also, these are not Nanaimo bars. nanaimo bars have only a butter-cocoa mix, custard, and chocolate. this are party deserts.

  15. Assassin 426 says

    I'm allergic to almonds and nuts. Can the coconut crumbly thing go without them?

  16. Hayoon R says

    Heeeeey its mondaaayy nowwww….

  17. arfin jalal says

    Birthday cake Nanaimo bars!

  18. Maeve O Connor says

    Any substitutes for someone living in Ireland because these look amazing 😍

  19. Pham Thu Dung says

    canadian chocolate bars trigerred

  20. Gabriel Ferrer says

    This is ridiculous. Canada ain't real

  21. Mayank Kainth says

    Canada synthesized both insulin and diabetes.

  22. Lucy Lum says

    I literally live in Nanaimo it's on Vancouver island 😂

  23. Alessa - says

    The layers are baked or set first, right? Before adding the next layer.

  24. Aaron Vanderpol says

    Im from the city of nanaimo!!

  25. shiful islam atik says



  26. Ignasi Romano says

    Me dio hambre

  27. Jaclyn Rachelle says

    You're supposed to let each layer chill between additions.

  28. ollie m. says


  29. Kyra's Nightcore Factory says

    What bothers me about every tasty video is that when they mix everything together they're not careful and powder goes places. Smh

  30. Saradambica Amjuri says

    yummy food,👌👍

  31. Xx_CoolGurl_xX says

    im canadian and ive never heard of nanaimo bars sooo…


  32. Unicorns Forever says

    Hi SIDS

  33. Mackenzie Wachter says

    Any of you guys have a favorite cartoon from Canada?

  34. Anna Erickson says

    Im canadian and We have these everywhere! they are the best thing the world has to offer!

  35. Kelden says

    I’m on a trip and in Nanaimo right now😃

  36. Candelaria Mancilla Rivero says

    Que rico

  37. Samir Koco says


  38. RosePyxel says

    What is a nanaimo??

  39. bakhtawar 1 says

    All my canadians comment ur province. Im alberta

  40. bakhtawar 1 says

    Canadians come throughhhhhhhh

  41. bakhtawar 1 says

    All my canadians where u at

  42. Fredrick Goods says

    Nanaimo Bars are the best and I'm an American. This is why Canadian food is awesome! I'll try to make these for a Christmas dessert!!

  43. Z I V A says

    I loved the coconut ones and the white chocolate thx 💞💞💞

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