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  1. patricia roa says

    This video is so Funny!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. alexandra williams says

    Hahaha Winnie the poo🤣💩

  3. alexandra williams says

    I,m scared of minie now😂😭

  4. alexandra williams says

    😂🤣 Cinderellas nose👃👀

  5. Orange Porange says

    The big nose on the mouse is a giant pimple

  6. Roxy Hoyt says

    Hey, it's "legs go all the way up" bear from family guy.

    Oh wait, she wasn't a bear.

  7. martin smith says


  8. mehedi hassan says


  9. salus aphrodite says

    Some people really like to drink out of Buzz Lightyear straw especially the women fans of Buzz Lightyear

  10. Angelina Safonov says

    Oh my god this is so c

  11. morgan wentz says

    My baby sister has that toy baby 😱😱

  12. Sumit Srivastava says

    9:24 yes you are right

  13. adonay bustos says

    Dinasor on drugs

  14. Ashely Piseth says

    OK you say you don’t see any of the differences I see them get the dumbest YouTube or on earth and Adonis person on earth in your

  15. Aimar Crispi says

    eehh that was weird

  16. Avivi Davidson says

    I LOOOOOVEEEEE Azzyland!!!!!

  17. SON Hughes says

    I have a chicken plush with 4 legs

  18. Marie Moody says

    I used to have one of those triceratops

  19. Arieyanto Angkawibawa says

    1 its a pony
    2 why did you open your toy
    3 its gross

  20. Bon Magluyan says


  21. jefferson villordon says

    thats werid

  22. Avaley Trowbridge says

    Did you just say kangaroos don’t live in Australia 🇦🇺 I think 🤔 they do

  23. Sebastien Maillard says

    I need the 4 legid duck where did they get it it's so cute can it live in my house it's mine

  24. Alicia Dabb says

    Hi azzy I'm your biggest fan I love u so much❤❤❤❤❤

  25. DO79 conall says

    In the title she said i cant blive these toys are 4 kids but then 2nd toy was a dogs

  26. Sue DelGatto says

    Whine the Pooh more like whinnie the horse

  27. Sue DelGatto says

    No no just why this is wrong

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