Can't believe this happened at school!

Can't believe this happened at school!
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  1. Evan’s World says

    Without his phone about one day for their iPad

  2. Marco Bustillos says

    I died after…than I reborn with all my data back

  3. Marco Bustillos says

    Once I had to live without my phone for a month

  4. challenge kids says

    my hole life

  5. Jeanne Tamagny says

    The 0.1 time where a coast guard helicopter lands in the field and fly ice our heads

  6. 84mrios says

    I have not had a thine

  7. Sighmond Subieto says

    2 hour with no phone

  8. Coolish fun says

    A month

  9. Ekaterina Deryabina says

    "bye there cuties and stay cute!"
    wth azzyland can u plz do your regular outro

  10. enchanted cutie says

    I hate school

  11. Mairav Levy says

    I would die without my phone because I would not be able to watch azzyland for 8 months

  12. Tara Harberts says


  13. Kaleigh Maile says

    I've gone 12 years without a phone

  14. Leroy Kennedy says

    Did she say 60 year old

  15. Tonii Mcgeown says

    Do months

  16. Brooke Lefever says

    I can go 9 years with out a phone, mostly because I don't have one

  17. pierre moise says

    I can’t go 1 day without a phone or a iPad

  18. Ava Ulrich says

    I would just buy a new phone if i couldnt have my phone for 8 MONTHS!

  19. Tai Luu says


  20. Cat Avenue says

    My classmate in 1st grade went over the fence and ran away. oop

  21. Nathan Sievers says

    I have never hade a phone

  22. Tu tita carmen says

    Wow the lagusch

  23. Esmae Redwana says

    I never had a phone, so yeah, a long time with no phone…

  24. Gracelyn Rider says

    I barley use my phone because my dad say's people now just look at the phones all day like brainless zombies just taking pics here and there and texting instead of coming and talking to them! (not saying everyone is like this just most people!) anyway my phone is mostly dead and my parents never give me minutes on it, so my phone is a little useless. (Sorry to people who think this is offensive I am not meaning to make it offensive!)

  25. It's Airlie! says

    Once some kid lit a garbage can on fire last year and the teachers made us stay in the building and put us on a lockdown it smelt like smoke and our class had no windows so if the fire made it to my classroom I would probably be dead. oof

  26. Tenley Bella says

    Azzy : How long have you guys gone without a phone?
    Me : 9 years 🙂 yea ok yea

  27. Jaelyn Hunt says

    I have gone 10 years without a phone

  28. Kylie Perry says

    If you want to do the splits all the way down join gymnastics I do gymnastics and I have my right leg left leg and middles down it’s fun!

  29. Limelight 9000 says

    99.9 percent of the time I’m wondering what would happen is why don’t we walked into the classroom.

    I think I’m obsessed…

  30. sam santos says

    I am a little kid 😑

  31. Sidra Ama says

    Please don't swear.

  32. Alex the Cool says

    i can stay without a phone forever cause i got a pc

  33. Phoenix2Mythical Gaming says

    The elementary school where I live thought kids were selling drugs.

  34. Kimberly Billick says

    12 years

  35. Danielle Gallant says

    One time at my school we had a full school lockdown because someone had a gun on the grounds. Turns out it was a guy opening his umbrella 😂😂😂😂

  36. doggos :P says

    i heard in this elementary school this 2nd grader went to the bathroom alone,and then these 2 2nd graders went to the bathroom,then they beat the guy up,the injured guy went to the emergency room his brain was bleeding and he had a coma,the 2 kids got suspended and went to juvenile,so now in my high school the principal is scared if that could happened so we had to go with duos or trios.

    another story:that was in my 3rd grade class
    it was halloween 🎃 and we got to dress up it had to be school appropriate,then this guy came up with a bat man costume and he didn’t have a mask so he made it himself i don’t know how the mom didn’t see it but he came to school with a hand drawn SHARPIE bat man mask he couldn’t get it out so when he tried and trie he kept bleeding and his skin came off so he went to the emergency room but i don’t know what happend next

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