Caprese Mac 'N' Cheese

Caprese Mac 'N' Cheese
This classic mac and cheese skillet is the perfect recipe to please a picky eater — add roasted tomatoes and fresh basil on top, and turn it into something that’s …

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  1. Harun Malik says

    Why not just make it a baked ziti at this point? Why do people put tomatoes on top of Mac n cheese? It's like putting Sweet Baby Rae's BBQ sauce in Spaghetti. They don't go together.

  2. SolarSmith says

    In the thumbail, They look like pizza

  3. Ari Jackson says

    I’m starving rn why am I watching this

  4. Joseph Reo says

    All I'm saying is DAVID

  5. Saphire Tshizubu says

    David Seymour do this
    Do it

  6. 아식가 says


  7. J Alberto Abreu says

    It’s really appropriate that you used a porn music track for such a dish.

  8. lars de smet says

    Lawyer during herb receive exclude shell girl liberal wall.

  9. H O says


  10. Ya boi Juan says

    Omg, im definitely trying this recipe.

  11. Begüm Bostancı says

    Am i the only one who thinks the music sounds pretty similar to the sex and the city theme song?

  12. angel feeesh says

    I thought the thumbnail was pizza

  13. Hermione Granger says

    I love crapese and I love mac-n-cheese 👍

  14. ash camp says

    Yeah no….

  15. amal zuhair says

    I’ve never had Mac n cheese what am I missing?

  16. Mari Carmen Muñoz Carvajal says

    Fantastica receta !!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Valentina Sigarini says

    Caprese isn't made with spinach.
    It's Basil only

  18. Girija kumaran says

    I don't like tomatoes and spinaches!!🍅

  19. PotatoSoup_YT Walrus says

    I thought the tumbnail was pizza until I read the title and watched the whole video

  20. Ohlee Creates says

    Eh… those tomatoes are sliced way too thick…

  21. Samantha Emme says

    I thought the tomatoes in the thumbnail were peperoni for a hot minute.

  22. dlazytube says

    Ohhhhh yes👅

  23. Puck Ries says

    Caprese noodles were like a staple food for my family when I was a child. We usually had them with tomato sauce / ketchup instead of the bechamel though 😅

  24. Angel 45 says

    Thanx for making it veg!

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