CES 2014 Gear Bag Tour!

CES 2014 Gear Bag Tour!
What’s in my video bag at CES 2014 this week! Plus bonus #throughglass footage. Links to all the gear below! Tenba Roadie II Bag: http://amzn.to/1dbYnrH …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. muanthang zou says

    before he went 100% crispy with the red and all sorts of stuff

  2. Hrithwik Bharadwaj says

    You were so small lol

  3. Nicolas o brabo says


  4. shovana shrestha says

    Who's watching this in 2016?

  5. christina Reynel says

    OMG look at his phone lo lo look it

  6. Amartya Banerjee says

    imagine, if he were to lose this bag….. lol….. Heart attack

  7. Belongsinthetrash says

    How do the m50s have a removable cable? Are they modified?

  8. TheMiv13 says

    Watching it exactly a year later

  9. Gregorious Benediktus says

    u just earned one like and subscription keep up the whats on my tech bag 🙂

  10. Wabbo says

    damn you got long arms!

  11. Nicholas Rambaran says

    holy crap ur skinny as hell

  12. Bharat K.N.V says

    You don't really appreciate the quality of Marques's gear until you're treated to Google Glass audio and video, do you?

  13. Mirza Baig says

    i think the lens is SIGMA

  14. Adit Irving says

    mkbhd looks like a skeleton lol

  15. Akash Borade says

    Watching your videos is always inspiring, that clean and crispyness! just awesome.

  16. Quran Alone says

    Cool bag!

  17. Riley Karamchandani says

    i just found out that u have a huge head 🙂

  18. Hamad Shah says

    Do you even gym bro?

  19. Maxtyan says

    why you need 3 phones and 2 tablets??

  20. hemanth reddy says

    Who is seeing this video in 2015

  21. Mr the penguin says

    audio through google glass is disgusting

  22. Sumeet Deshmukh says

    i don't want much but just a bag like that

  23. Aravindha Professional says

    I fan of u. I have watched all the video. 
    Can I know what software you use for editing videos 

  24. Moroccan Wonders says

    lucky you

  25. Amal Jolly says

    What if someone robs your bag !

  26. Nicanor Villanueva says


  27. dan basset says

    I was expecting to see a red and black nagas well 😛

  28. dont delete sticky benny says

    What is the skin that was on his MacBook Pro?

  29. Brian Kevin says

    Hey what is a bag name ?

  30. Rohit Chakravarthi says

    i find u , i steel that bag 😀

  31. Daniel Park says

    what is the bag name?

  32. Dzynski says

    What about food? You look you need to eat!

  33. Charles Dow says


  34. Kool Ed says

    Thanks for sharing Marques. That was very helpful! From the bag itself to the content. Keep up the good work.

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