Cheerleaders Share Their Horror Stories

Cheerleaders Share Their Horror Stories
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  1. Bipolar Bear says

    Lol I thought the pom poms in the thumbnail were a giant chicken nugget

  2. Franz Marquez says

    In the thimbnail I thought that was fried chicken..

  3. Mitali Sharma says

    Of course it was intentional Vanessa. She was bragging about it duh!

  4. Tala AlHaj Yahya says

    4:35 this is what my mom calls an evil eye

  5. Emma Berry says

    I have been cheerleading for a year now and every comp this year I won!! Tomorrow is last comp of the year and it's Nationals and I'm SCARED after watching this lol 😬 Wish me luck

  6. Luka Milaševičiūtė says

    Can you do one with Latin American and Ballroom dancers? 💃🏼

  7. sulochana madachane says

    Do taxi driver horror story

  8. Liquida4 says

    My fatass thought the pompom in thumbnail was chicken nugget

  9. Sleepy Ash says

    I thought it was a chicken nugget the one in the thumbnail 😂

  10. Jordan Carti says

    I know I’m gonna get hate, but you should’ve really had an All Star cheerleader

  11. Ruchika says

    Can we have Mortician Horror stories..

  12. Ana Huynh says

    from my experience, cheerleading is fun but hard. but on hot days during practice… honey… my squad practices OUTSIDE!

  13. Syaz Wany says

    Don't do sport as a main job… Body expired faster than brain, even you old you can use your brain pretty fine

  14. Nat Arre. says

    One time I got kicked in the face and the little hook on my braces for my bands dig into my cheek and I couldn’t open it all the way cause I had to unhook it first 😭 it was the weirdest feeling.

  15. Karli Morgan says

    Rhody represent!!!

  16. kk Rayne says

    Who else thought that she was holding a piece of fried chicken in the thumbnail 😂😂

  17. Trei Z. says

    Vanessa’s first story is what I’m scared will happen with my little sister 😣😣

  18. John Secret Spirit says

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  19. Dylan McMinn says

    Is it just me or do the Pom poms look like a chicken nugget since to me it does

  20. Courtney Kohl says

    Okay but I'd blame her for the nose too.

  21. Sarah Dykman says

    I was on a stunt team and the day before our state competition. I was outside spotting another pyramid. It fell and I caught the flyer with my face. Got a concussion and couldn’t compete my my own stunts. Still bitter.

  22. Juvia Fullbuster says

    Oh boy have I got so many stories. I’ve been cheering for my high school for 3 years now, and this year, we got a new sponsor. This woman has no idea what she’s doing, and used to cheer back in the 70’s, so we do everything like they did back then. The sponsor doesn’t sit down on the track with us, she sits in the bleachers with a stupid whiteboard and points frantically at the damn thing every times she wants us to do something. And almost every time, it’s the wrong thing. Then her husband tells her we screwed up (because of her whiteboard) and she yells at us to “pay attention to the game” and by that, she actually means “obey the holy whiteboard, it’s word is law, and if it says the wrong thing, that’s your fault”

    God, that woman is so stupid🤬😡and I’ve heard our poor captains have it so much worse

  23. lock heart says

    This adds weight to the debate that cheerleading is a sport. They compete, they throw bodies in the air, they bloody each other up…it's a complete workout.

  24. Tyler Kegger says

    I thought Brie Larson was in the thumb nail

  25. Emily Tremblett says

    We love buzzfeed not even using all star cheerleaders, even the photos

  26. Breadie Tootie says

    I thought I saw a nugget in the thumbnail

  27. Jessie Brader says

    Is it just me or is there always that one "team building" exercise that feels like it was created strictly to traumatize you somehow?

  28. Meghan-daisy White-Romeo says

    Cheerleading hurts is the most accurate quote ever and being a backspot with a floppy flyer my face will never be the same , like ever.
    Your first kiss of death will either knock your teeth out or leave you with a concussion you quickly learn how to stand correctly 😂😂💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

  29. Kewl Potatoes says

    Did anyone else think there was a piece of fried chicken in the thumbnail?

  30. March Delgado says

    Lol I'm watching this when I have comp tommorow. 😂

  31. Big toe シ빨아 says

    One time during a stunt my flyer fell and legit like hit the hard ground, she almost broke her rib cage 🤦🏾‍♀️ now I get nervous every time we do the stunt n I’m scared that I’ll drop her again, we have a comp this Sunday 🤕☹️

  32. K W says

    Cheerleadering is hard, but I wouldn't trade the experience. In fact, when I interview I say that I was one and that it taught me teamwork and grit.

  33. rianna yong says

    Me thinking that the girl jumping in the thumbnail was jumping with a giant chicken nugget

  34. Hannah Keyes says

    im a senior in high school, and ive been cheering since i was in 8th grade. and i cant tell you how many concussions, knee injuries, and broken bones ive had

  35. that one girl says

    People dont seem to understand just how late at night and often and hard cheerleaders practice. They have to be like so dedicated I admire them

  36. Morgan Debenham says

    Can u do figure skating horror stories pls

  37. Gilium 117 says

    do cheerleaders also get scholarships like the athletes?

  38. Tiffany says

    I kept scrolling past this vid and thinking that she had a chicken nugget instead of pompoms and was very confused.

  39. I’m Trash says

    Okay I had done cheer since third grade just a few times a year. End of fifth grade I could try out for cheer for middle school and made it. I was very good at stunting easiest thing for me. I get a good stunt group after I made it. A month into cheer I moved stunt groups. I was angry because my flyer literally didn’t have to do the hard work to try out, walks in like she owns the place, and bosses everyone one around. Also didn’t help that she was heavier than our base wondered why we couldn’t get her up properly. Not a horror story but made me really irritated.

  40. Melanie Oramas says

    when I’m a cheerleader now and I just broke my nose during practice 🙃

  41. Lauren Richardson says

    this totally brought me to awkward middle school moments. Wow never again

  42. Marianne Smith says

    I cheered all through hs and college and during a timeout of a college basketball game, I did a back flip while a basketball player walked behind me. My front teeth did the same as Courtney’s, where they got tilted back. Didn’t even realize it and kept cheering until my teammates told me I was bleeding

  43. Melissa Millien says

    I have one question for Spencer, so did you win the competition?

  44. Olivia says

    i got my period right before performing and it bled through my shorts… i was a flyer and had to do a lot of jumps so… awkward

  45. Hailee DeLuca says

    I have a story.

    I was back for a stunt and we were on the side practicing the routines and stunts before the game started. My two bases wanted to do an intricate stunt even though we had not practiced it very much. I firmly said no. My flyer said no.

    We’re in the middle of practicing our routine and we reach the time for our stunt. My bases go ahead and change their position to preform the stunt I had specifically said no to. My flyer wasn’t ready or prepared or well-rehearsed and she fell. Right on my face. Her elbow knocked into my nose as she hit the floor and I started GUSHING out blood.

    As captain, I wanted to keep on cheering in the game and preform the halftime routine despite being pretty hurt. We didn’t think it was broken and so I went out and preformed anyways. A lot of the people there to watch the game saw the girl fell on me, they also saw me get back out there and preform anyways.

    It wasn’t the worst experience ever but I was forever scarred from being the back position in stunts.

  46. Melo says

    I was on the girls basketball team in middle school and I remember two girls on the cheerleading team accidentally ran into each other during a shared practice. Their teeth smacked together but luckily, they didn't lose any teeth. Unfortunately, they both had braces and the impact caused their braces to flip up into their gums. I can't remember details but apparently it was really bloody…

  47. John Smith says

    Cheerleading and football just need to leave schools forever.

  48. Lottie says

    im a backstop and after saying i had never let my flyer fall before, my flyer that training session goes and falls forward OVER our front from prep, then again from extension (as tall as you can get her), she falls backwards OVER THE TOP OF ME to a point where i couldn't catch her (knocked by the flyer she was linked arms with as she fell next to us) and strained her neck… anyway my group has a new flyer now. the image off her smacking her chin on the floor will forever be in my mind

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