Cheese Explained By A Cheese Expert • Tasty

Cheese Explained By A Cheese Expert • Tasty
Only a true turophile (a lover of cheese) can be a cheesemonger. Follow Milkfarm on Instagram: …

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  1. Teav Demarest says

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Eugene Lee says

    But she’s Asian. Her bunghole prob explode

  3. LN20129 says

    Il sure she does not have Corsican cheese – so this is not a real Chesse shop

  4. Art inspiration says

    This is how many times she said cheese lol

  5. Rebecca Rich says

    Cheddar is the best cheese and you can’t convince me otherwise

  6. BORNH8R says

    Thank god, I was wondering what was up with cheese since I could breath

  7. Gabe says

    My favourite cheeses are Parmesan Reggiano and Mozzarella

  8. minbeth96 says

    "Cheese Grommit!!"

  9. Commander Bat says

    Mom, I found out what I wanna do with my life.

  10. Timothy Han says

    I am just a monger 😁

  11. Dee M. says

    Okay… clearly I'm in the wrong line of work

  12. Alicia Hollie says

    She just said the word's I have been telling my friend's & family for year's! Processed cheese is not real cheese!!!

  13. Eric Swift says

    God I love cheese 🧀

  14. PoTheDragonWarrior says

    bet her pussy smells like cheese whiz

  15. Jen Klen says

    I wonder if they show how the cows are forcefully impregnated to their customers; probably not; and yes I am a vegan that’s why I disliked this video and left this comment hate on my I don’t care

  16. S says

    calling your customers basic, what a power move

  17. Minion Man says

    1 like equals 1 cheese 🧀 I’ll start


  18. Van Duc Chiropractic says

    Please come to my channel and talk

  19. Alexa Juliana says

    my lactose intolerance is q u a k i n g

  20. صلاح I دقوس says

    there is a lot of jeeez in this cheese video

  21. Me and You Hello says

    Cool video thanks for sharing

  22. Christa Lei says

    But what about those funky washed rinds

  23. Joavee says

    Well … this episode is not cheesy at all … it’s actually very educational …

    K. Thx. Bye

  24. Lucia Rubio says

    I remember the first time i tried brie cheese and I almost vomited. If I could imagine what a dirty mop tastes like…thats exactly how it would taste🤢🤢🤢

  25. Elyoslayer says

    Mimolette is the stuff you want

  26. yuki says

    Not of you have lactose intolerance 💁‍♀️

  27. Bluepanda Blue says

    Maybe to cheesemonger it’s wrong to mell cheese, but melt cheese , Anykind is heaven

  28. Miranda Mom says

    Saw that Humboldt Fog— that’s what I had for lunch!

  29. • Yoni Beats • says

    I hope your day goes well♡

    Thats it no self promoting♤

  30. CapitainEnil says

    And there is me, a French, watching this video and being like "Isn't it illegal to not like cheese ?", since it's very VERY unusal for a french person to don't like cheese. It's tradition xD

  31. Ric Official says

    The times she said cheese is the same amount of times i failed NNN🧀

  32. انا والشيف says

    اهدى هذا الفيديو لمن تحب 👍🏻👌🏻
    ومتنسوش الايك والشير
    والاشتراك ف القناة

  33. trexmaster9000 says

    cheesemonger> killmonger

  34. Brad Silvers says

    ive tried to like any kind of cheese but i swear i just cant eat cheese…some of it smells like athletes foot..gross

  35. FOODOT 푸닷 says

    wow, very wonderful~~^^*

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