Cheesecake-Filled Banana Bread

Cheesecake-Filled Banana Bread
Here is what you’ll need! Cheesecake-Filled Banana Bread Servings: 10 (in a 9×5-inch loaf) INGREDIENTS Banana Bread 2 ripe bananas 1 large egg, beaten …

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  1. Julia says

    Just tried this recipe and it tastes really good. I usually add less sugar than what the recipe asks you to because I don’t like overly sweet desserts but this is just right.

  2. tripti gautam says

    Egg ki jagh kya use kare?

  3. MonteY says

    my go to banana bread, made it already more than 10 times always a winner.

  4. d34dj0k3r says

    Banana bread is already good on its own. Why add atrocity?

  5. tony ooi says

    Easy recipe. Thank you

  6. ShamefulBog says

    It was eh

  7. bunny virgo says

    oh yesssss

  8. Annetta Woodard says

    Who else just watches these videos to get themselves niiiice and hungry 😁😂 mmmmnnn I can juuust taste it

  9. Midnightslife says

    I’m disappointed they didn’t add nuts 🙁

  10. Nicole Khoo says

    Can I use Cheedar slice?

  11. Ryen Hawkey says

    Way to use melted butter in the video but put softened butter in the description box. Good way to ruin someone's breakfast

  12. Natasha Red44 says

    U mean banana cake filled with cheesecake

  13. chris lester says

    Does it have to have sugar

  14. Brenda Rodriguez says

    Does it make a difference if I omit brown sugar?

  15. tina andersen says

    Sounds interesting

  16. ma nem jeff says

    i made this and its great♥

  17. Paul Farah says

    This was delicious. I added a fistful of fresh blueberries to the cheese cake part of the recipe.

  18. Deppressed Piano n00b says


  19. Hasley Arellano says

    Is the Greek yogurt necessary

  20. The_orange_tabby says

    I made this recipe on the weekend… It turned out really well!
    Just make sure to cut down on the sugar, you should probably add 1/4 cup of both, and cover the banana bread with foil after 20 minutes in the oven, then bake for another 30 minutes.
    You can also replace the Greek yogurt with sour cream.

  21. Homeschool Royalty says

    I just watched this recipe. YoYomax12 did this same recipe 3 yrs ago. Now I know I have to try this!

  22. Birgitte M says

    i mean it's sweet that you also write celius, but wtf is a cup?

  23. Jesus Andres says

    Is the Greek yogurt necessary?????

  24. Duncan GOLDMAN says

    Why do I always watch all of these cooking shows and I never once cooked any of the recipes in my life lmao

  25. Andrea says

    Why am i here? I HATE banana bread

  26. skeet skeet says

    I give this video 13/10 kiwis

  27. Ella Huynh says

    I'm trying to watch all the dessert tasty videos which is making SOOOO HUNGRY

  28. alexis says

    i made this and it tasted like absolute shit

  29. Kylee Abramson says


  30. Aneesa Speck says

    for those who want to make this i recomend it i made it and it was "tasty"

  31. Urmashri Bheekharry says

    I tried the recipe and the banana bread was too sweet. Only half cup of sugar is enough as bananas are sweet as well. As for the cheesecake filling, it was too floury. An electric beater and less flour will be better to make it creamier. Overall, it was a good enough cake.

  32. angelaesthetic says

    LOL 0:30 looks like A game boy

  33. D Ward says

    Made this and it came out excellent.

  34. E E says

    This is just a video for a banana bread recipe and a cheesecake recipe.. there isn't much originality in this aside from the cheesecake being in the banana bread

  35. MarineBerry Gacha says

    Katy perry's pie was so delicious

  36. Niambi LeeKong McLaurin says

    Why not use a whisk or spatula or something? That fork and spoon bothered me.

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