Cheesy Tuna Casserole • Tasty

Cheesy Tuna Casserole • Tasty
Dinner has never been easier than with this updated classic tuna casserole. Make the casserole sauce, pour it over your favorite noodles, top it with cheese, and …

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  1. Ariella says

    Nah y’all gotta take an L for this shit. 🤢🤢🤢

  2. Cupcake Zinger says

    Canned veg? No. Carrots in tuna casserole? No.

  3. King Crimson says

    I think I’ll just eat tuna sandwich from now on instead of trying to make this casserole.

  4. nobody says

    Eh. I'll stick to my own tuna casserole recipe.

  5. Tasha22Bella says

    both recipes, not bad at all, I'd actually eat them both BUT… can we please rid the bake tuna pasta of the carrots and peas.?? the only carrots I'll put anywhere near tuna is the shredded raw kind as a side dish or shredded in a salad but not cooked… second can we please cut the celery in the second dish a bit smaller and use less.. also canned veg??? nah…


    Yummy! Who wants to taste it now? 🙂

  7. TsukiraAquarius says

    Can we use… fresh veggies instead for the tuna casserole? The canned ones look sooooo unappetizing…

  8. Valerio Gigante says

    How do you Americans eat this? It lloks so wrong

  9. VietnameseGirl98 says

    As fucking disgusting as the fucking channel and every-fucking-one working for it.

  10. Mary Martin says

    My mom used to make Mac and cheese with tuna in it, I always wonder how as an adult if you have a choice why the hell would you make that, disgusting. Tuna is for cats not me

  11. Raven Pittman says

    Cheese Raven

  12. Raven Pittman says

    Raven's Pittman

  13. HitaNiggaBitch WitmyBuffson says

    I like fish but this shit nasty

  14. HitaNiggaBitch WitmyBuffson says

    Straight in the basura dog

  15. Yourworstnightmare Ever says

    vegans can replace tuna with konyaku,well maybe,i guess so or wutevs because it’s a type of potato that smells like fish.supermodels loves them full tummy sans calories

  16. Carol Sanz says


  17. Auntie A's Kitchen says

    I loveand so far have only made a tomato Tuna pasta bake….Never made a cheese Tuna bake…

  18. Maria Cucina says


  19. Chicken Wing says

    Wtf is wrong with mobile videos on this channel

  20. cadence Schriner says

    Seriously this is the same nasty ass tuna casserole my mom used to make… in the 90’s
    And exactly where do people live where they don’t know how to make tuna salad? I’m so confused do they not have tuna salad in other countries?!

  21. Isabella VanDerheijden says

    This actually looked super yummy!💖😍 I'm going to make this with my Mum tonight! ( I live in the Netherlands haha)

  22. Mayara Miquidade says

    I feel like ever since Bon Appétit did Snoop’s lobster recipe every one is using crackers as crumbs on their video.

  23. So Tasty says

    nice job. I love it so much

  24. john alt says


  25. Gaby is kewl says

    I thought those were cornflakes in the thumbnail

  26. Chloe C says

    Ugh this is one thing I wish died off in the 70's or whatever time it was popular. Ew

  27. bazilic says

    Like!!!! Nice!!! Super!!! Come to the my channel. I make burger with Kalua Pork!)

  28. Sarah America says

    Fun fact: Olive oil goes rancid at high temp. Don't use it for cooking in high temps.

  29. Jennifer Kammerer says

    We do this a couple of times in the past. We don't do it that much cuz' my Mom doesn't love Tuna. But my Dad and I do. 🙂

  30. Cake Junkie says

    OMG 😱😱 I've never seen this kind of awesome videos

  31. Cake Junkie says

    My brain ultra strain. I love anything about cake. Show me videos anymore 😜 😜

  32. Ryan Pfeiffer says

    I love tuna casserole. This recipe looks… alright. But I guarantee the recipe my family makes is better. Easier to make, too.

  33. Joy Smith says


  34. Ro Har says

    this is not what we finna do

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