Chicken Bake 4-Ways

Chicken Bake 4-Ways
Here is what you’ll need! Pesto Chicken Bake Inspired by Ingredients 3-4 chicken …

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  1. cindy CO says


  2. Nicole nicole says

    So we are only putting salt on one side of the chicken huh?

  3. Derrick Jones says

    Great vid!

  4. Kimberlie Flores says

    I hate how everything is baked I got pots in my oven ): so it’s so hard finding recipes only using the stove

  5. Hello Hi says

    The pesto chicken is real good swear!!! 🧡 just make chicken a lil thin and everything will be all right

  6. Daniel Heng says

    No rice?

  7. Ross says

    these are good foundations for the most part, but by themselves are kinda boring. I would add more seasoning and different ingredients to spruce them up a bit more for sure.

  8. Jasmine R says

    The only chicken bake that I know is bomb is from Costco!!

  9. yoselin magana says

    I’m gonna make these but I’m gonna better them🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Jay B says

    Im English. Wtf is Ranch?

  11. Hihihi Hi says

    The barbecue one was pretty gross don't make it

  12. Chris Wade says

    These comments got me dead! Love you guys 😀 😀

  13. 3ahd Kamal says

    Bacon and cheese? Really? Frying them would be less heart attack-ie!
    No seasoning and they all look overcooked
    You guys are too white Americans

  14. Lee Anna Reynolds says

    Love Tasty videos 🙂

  15. Ranch chicken 🐔 bake was looking sooooooo tasty oh yes ✅

  16. M Faizan says

    ma zaror try karon ga

  17. Tuyen Nguyen says

    this has nothing to do with cooking!

  18. Le'mari Blue says

    do i cover the pan before i put it in the oven or not

  19. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo says

    Hey guys what do you think about taste of alfredo???? Milky or taste like mayo

  20. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo says

    Easy for busy

  21. Nikki Feliz says


  22. Edward Kelstrup says

    40 minutes seems like it'd be too long of a cooking time for chicken breasts and would make them dry and tough.

  23. Monica says

    The bacon comes out undercooked .

  24. Agnieszkaaa53 says

    I make the pesto chicken regularly. It's very good. They only use salt and pepper in the video, but you could add other spices as you wish. Even though I normally like spicy food, this only needs salt and pepper because pesto already has garlic, pine nuts and overall a lot of good flavor. Also for some of you who asked if it's dry – it's not. In fact, it's very juicy because of all the goodness that's in pesto (read – olive oil!) and the cheese. I haven't made the other ones, but I 100% recommend the one with pesto and mozzarella.

  25. DijonMstard says

    I like eating chicken bake the better way. The Costco way.

  26. Jacque suu says

    You lost me at tomatoes.

    That beat tho..

  27. xAangxForeverx says

    I tried the BBQ Chicken bake and it was soo good (just 30 minutes!!!)

  28. Shiro Hoshi says

    i have no qualms about seasoning the chicken with just salt and pepper but atleast do it for both sides so it doesn't look tasteless

  29. Jose Kariamadam says

    Go slow, so we can follow.

  30. Wisdom MiriaCalluccie says

    it takes longer than 40 minutes….

  31. shivani patel says

    I made the pesto one! Pretty good!

  32. Sha1P1ay5 says

    That chicken looks drier than a grandmother's ass

  33. American5585 says

    the moment I see you putting breast into oven I know that no one on this channel knows shit about cooking. You are lucky that most of peoplo don't know anything about good food and you can trick them into thinking that this disgusting shit is tasty

  34. Ramona Nahapetian says

    40 minutes on 400 fucking degrees, what do you want to do, kill it again??

  35. Kuronuma Sawako says

    True maybe not enough seasoning. Needs some chicken curry powder going on

  36. Chardonnay Sundae says

    Boyfriend loved the Alfredo chicken bake. This video was helpful.

  37. Cheyenne Williams says

    I made the BBQ Chicken Bake last night for dinner, and it was amazing!

  38. Lusen Skin Care says

    how long they all baked?

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