Chili Chicken-Stuffed Parathas

Chili Chicken-Stuffed Parathas
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  1. Farihah Chowdhury says

    I m loving this desi inspired videos

  2. walmart brand kurt cobain says


  3. anikashirmila soman says

    You don't even kmow how to make paratha

  4. Iram Khan says

    It's awesome…I tried …my family loved it…. Complimened a lot 😊😊 thanks to tasty…

  5. Devin Gentile says

    Isn't that just a crappy quesadilla?

  6. U.K.N says

    you just have to add meat or egg in everything even though its origin might be veg, don't you?

    edit: its a fukin quesadilla not parantha . u stuff it like a momo n then roll that momo flat, thats a parantha

  7. Kay D says

    Man I should try parathas the next time I go to that Guyanese restaurant

  8. Sahar Shafi says

    Made this came out amazing easy recipe


    Well at least you tried

  10. F7 CITY says

    ok ……..TRIGGERED

  11. Ayesha H says

    Buzzfeed is now obsessed with IndiaπŸ˜‚

  12. dfh says

    y'all Indians can shut up lol. since when has tasty done a spot on recipe for any kind of dish on this channel? Oh yeah that's right they never have lmao. except for the kladkakka, but who can go wrong with a brownie recipe???

    Anyways everyone needs to stop being whiney brats and get over it. Not everything's gonna be perfect and honestly I don't give a fuck about why and how this dish is wrong. It was inspired by the real dish so WHO. CARES.

  13. Adrija Majumder says

    Definitely not a paratha, but it still looks really good

  14. Emma Olivas says

    They should make a tasty India

  15. jenny maribel says

    prata must have curry soup dip…

  16. Neha Kalakuntla says

    at least they tried…

  17. David Hall says

    At a glance I thought it said chicken stuffed piranhas.

  18. greenday1347 says

    Re-name the video: How to make a Paratha if you are White

  19. Richard Sutejo says

    A A you are bitch

  20. MarlonLouis M.L. says

    With fresh mint yogurt would be bomb too

  21. I'm Tired says

    OHHHH IT WAS PARATHAS! i thought it said pirahnas…

  22. Peter Girgis says

    Oh yes clotted arteries YASSSSSSSSSS


    i came

  24. Wassim Hamadeh says

    Yo isn't this the same channel that made fidget spinner cookies? I'm supposed to trust someone who makes shit like that? no. me and my boy don't roll like that. we tried them anyways and they tasted like an actual fidget spinner that was shoved up the ass of the 4 year olds that actually use them.
    (- ) -)========D~~~~~

  25. Peter Barathan says

    This is not a good idea

  26. Ben be says


  27. Sarah Xaidi says

    This is a sad paratha….

  28. amal zuhair says

    You need to make the pizza paratha now like right now start filming it chop chop

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