Chipotle Popcorn Chicken

Chipotle Popcorn Chicken
Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: Here is what you’ll need! CHIPOTLE POPCORN CHICKEN INGREDIENTS 2 pounds chicken …

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  1. Flood Escape1 says


  2. Infinity James says

    How do you even make buttermilk? Lol

  3. aslı aa says

    dadı bende v ucutum düzelsin diye kendimi uykumda bi sürü adamin koynuna koyduruyom

  4. aslı aa says

    dadı popcorn da dişlerini düzeltme de her gece faruk çelik bebekligimden kirdiranmis ta

  5. Sigg e says

    Or you can just go to closest kfc

  6. Donatas S says

    Im gonna cry

  7. ponies says

    Omg i love CHIPOTLE
    CHIPOTLE is my life lol who remembers that vine

  8. xdds GT says

    We dont have to eat popcorns again at cinemas

  9. That Guy says

    Greatest cooking channel on YouTube

  10. Melody Abrogar says

    "Adobo sauce"?

  11. GIRLY ! says

    Hmm … i like these kinda chicken …☻

  12. Bailo Descalza says

    Uh oh no! Not another chicken based recipe where the chicken isn't properly season!!!!!

  13. Pratibha Padhy says

    add edo oka ragam pilichindi vela neekosam vastava dettol india samsung z2 samsung z2 and samsung z2 can gemma service

  14. mjlln says

    Does anyone know how to do the sauce? I always loved that sauce but it's not very known here in Spain

  15. Uti Osuyah says

    I thought this said Insider so I thought it was gonna show a restaurant where they sell these lol

  16. Matthew Anderson says

    Wow congrats tasty nice and short less than one minute I like that

  17. アイスアウト says

    That "Oh yes" is annoying .-.

  18. niteshmurti says

    Sean Toddle Popcorn Chicken

  19. Skel Arts says


  20. Maia Crowley says

    Adobo? did I just read that right?

  21. hans says

    Nice music

  22. Ya Boi says

    Right before the endings I always worry if the oh yes will be there

  23. Winona Daphne says

    i keep thinking the guy saying oh yes is steven lim from buzzfeed

  24. pati pa says

    I farted 😉

  25. Gautam Tahiliani says

    Please share the link of how to make that white dip(sauce)

  26. Shane Inkster says

    That "oh yes" sound you hear at the end sounds like he's having an orgasm 😆

  27. yuh yuh says

    Now I know where all instagramers get their food vids from

  28. Nadine Gardner says


  29. Cavendish Cavendish says

    m encanto

  30. Cinderpelt Draws says

    I can smell it!!!! 😂😂

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