Chocolate Banana Bread Bottom Cheesecake // Presented by Amazon Alexa

Chocolate Banana Bread Bottom Cheesecake // Presented by Amazon Alexa
Make your favorite Tasty recipe at home with the help of Alexa! Follow step-by-step recipes with Amazon Echo Show.

Source Tasty
  1. Alexis Chagollan says

    Nah, I much rather have my Google I got from your kitchen set! She's way better.

  2. DJ Shock Africa says

    That thumbnail is chocolatey

  3. Speak Quickly says

    Tired of Alexa already.

  4. Tara Mugford says

    Everyone too distracted by Alexa to notice the lipstick on sis's teeth lol

  5. Melanie Morales says

    I wanted to make this cake UNTIL I saw this ad

  6. Giovani Pablo says

    Alexa why don't amazon workers have a living wage?

  7. - smevchh - says

    It's scary because at the begining of the video, it says "turn in volume"

    Obviously I have my volume down and am still terrified

  8. Bubbleskid2887 says

    "You always have bananas that are about to go bad." That's way i stopped buying bananas

  9. Jelo Gutierrez Cantos says

    These look more like McDonald’s Banana Chocolate muffins to me.

  10. Rob Curran says

    Alexa can fuck right off. Stop advertising this shit and stick to the recipes only. That's what's so good about this channel, but you're ruining it with sponsored shit.

  11. Aruna Dhanushkodi says

    Did anyone feel like: THERE WASNT ENOUGH CHOCOLATE ….. probably just me..😉

  12. faiz haque says

    At a time I thought this video was cooking alexa

  13. Louisa Djaya says

    Looks VERY yummy♥🤗
    About alexa…ive once tried to talk to google assistant , similar with alexa , its DEAF. Misunderstood me most of the time.😀😀
    Big no no …

  14. Rahul Verma says

    I lost my banana on that chocolate joke.

  15. Martin Naur says

    Name of the cake is longer than the entire video

  16. Margret L Crabb says

    I missed the part where her hands were too sticky to use her phone for the recipe….🤔

  17. Bilal K. says

    For a split second I thought she wear nothing but the white shirt. Almost spilled my Coffee

  18. Donal Skehan says

    Best sous chef!

  19. Edward Nigma says

    wanted to like video but it was an Alexa ad….take a shot everytime you hear alexa.

  20. Richie Grey says

    🍫 🍌 ALIX dessert time👩‍🦳👩‍💻👩🗽🎥

  21. Susanna Meotti says

    has anyone realized that she’s not cooking casue the girl cooking has white nail polish and she’s not wearing nail polish

  22. nathalhices says

    Alexa and all those assistants are so creepy, they're listening all the time. I can read and definitely don't need Alexa to be telling me jokes while I cook.
    The recipe looks preeetty good tho

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