Chocolate Cream Cheese Crescent Bake

Chocolate Cream Cheese Crescent Bake
CHOCOLATE CREAM CHEESE CROISSANT BAKE Servings: 10-12 INGREDIENTS 2 (10 to 13 ounce) package mini croissants, chopped 2 (8 ounce) packages …

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  1. MousseTache says


  2. Mary Aberilla says

    OMG I'm in heaven 😋😊😋

  3. Hà Nguyễn says


  4. Bunni Bunns says

    So not only did I have to read the comments about whether to use the video or the description's recipe (it's ALSO put two different ways on the tasty app…), but even when it turns out right, it STILL doesn't taste that good… It is better cold, but I will NOT be making this again!

  5. Melanie Mercado says

    Cream cheese again……!!

  6. Sha1P1ay5 says

    David needs to make this cause I want to make it but I need to know if it's bad or not and how to improve

  7. Janae Fuller says


  8. I followed the instructions EXACTLY and ended up with a liquid filled abomination so sweet I could have vomited. I had to throw the whole thing out. Why would you put instructions on the video that you couldn't possibly have actually used to make the pastry seen in your video? This ruined a lot of perfectly good ingredients for me and I'm pretty upset about it. I feel very mislead and genuinely upset about this. I wanted to surprise my mother with it and your instructions ruined everything! It was honestly the most disgusted thing I ever tasted in my life, and I had really hoped it would be delicious. I'm never trusting another recipe of yours again!

  9. Sophie Wysocki says

    Where are the videos with shit i have in my house?

  10. Gilleke Kalev says


  11. maya summers says

    What size pan was that? Does anybody know? Like specifically. For example, 9×9, 12×6, etc. It doesn't say in the description.

  12. leodis phillips says

    Mine was perfect. But it was expensive.

  13. Lynda Bumstead says

    Your written recipe says to cook at 450 degrees, but your video says 350 degrees. Disappointed because I cooked at 450 and basically ruined it. 🙁

  14. Ryan Jeanette says

    okay I made this and it was THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN

  15. Susan Schloss says

    I made this, only half the amount. I took one bite and threw it out. First of all, luckily I checked after 20 minutes, and it was already starting to burn! It was turning BLACK! 450 was way too high. I turned it down to 350, left the oven door open for 15 minutes, and covered the whole thing with tin foil. Then I let it cool and tasted it. Terrible! Threw out the whole thing!

  16. Kira Ragged says

    watch out, the cooking directions in the description are all wrong .. if i hadn't suspected as much and cooked it for the 45 minutes at 450F that it calls for it would have been burnt to a crisp.. not to mention that the video shows white sugar but the recipe calls for brown and the video says 1/2 cup milk and the recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups
    Yo Buzzfeed editors, get it together

  17. ME 23. says

    روعه 👍

  18. Nemyaka Aftab says

    @David better make this

  19. Iphonehacker396 says

    Made it today.. Turned out AMAZING! Worth a try! ;D

  20. Tiffany Garcia says

    I made this following the directions to a 't' and it was amazingly delicious. No ice cream even needed.

  21. Pixie Dust says

    i swear buzzfeed shits cream cheese

  22. Carolina Girl says

    is it me or did they use raw sugar

  23. TheEverydayLifeOfMe says

    350 not 450.

  24. slime ideas says


  25. Marianne Oum says

    It's said 350F in your video fuckin retarded. Now I just wasted 16 dollars lmao

  26. Dwayne Fernandes says

    Tried it. came out real sweet but didn't rise as much, was very flat.
    Tastes better the next day after sitting in the fridge for awhile. Still flat.

  27. Ali Osborne says

    I wish you could order food off YouTube videos

  28. VivalaFrida _ says

    Wtf! Fix the damn instructions, your video and instructions below are inconsistent with one another. I thought this was a legitimate recipe source I guess not😒

  29. Sweetaz hunny86 says

    these people are GENIOUS!

  30. AMA PAPPIN says

    I just noticed a couple of differences between the written recipe and the video; is it 16 Oz or 8Oz of cream cheese? temperature 450F or 350F? …. Otherwise, looks like an awesome recipe 😛

  31. Rachel Larson says

    Thoughts on replacing the chocolate chips with something else? ie. cinnamon and sugar mix, butterscotch chips, andies chips, chopped up candy bars, fruit? I think I'm going to try cinnamon and sugar.

  32. Pat Helmer says

    I'm confused. The video shows 1/2 cup of milk and white sugar. The recipe shows 1 1/2 cup of milk and brown sugar.

  33. Dina Heard says

    it came out great I love the taste

  34. Clove Boeriu says

    It may say 10-12 servings but i could honestly make this one serving if I tried. ;u;

  35. Ashley Universe says

    Ohhh yes!

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